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Mar 04 2020


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm



Yoni Healing and Sexual Empowerment with Michelle Alva

Your Yoni Matters. Learn 5 Key Strategies To Heal and Empower Your Feminine Sexual Body Online Class.
About this Event
Do you feel disconnected from your feminine essence?
Are too tired or too busy to be intimate with yourself and your partner?
Would you like for orgasm to be easy for you?
Are you interested in deepening your understanding and connection to your sexual energy and feminine power?
Join me for Yoni Healing and Sexual Empowerment For Women, an online Masterclass to revive your libido and feel more pleasure in your feminine sexual body.
Our Yonis (means Sacred Space and refers to our female genitalia) matter, and too often we don’t make the time to nurture or listen to our innate body wisdom. Many of us have experienced sexual trauma, pain, tension or repressed emotions in our sexual parts.
This online Masterclass via Zoom is designed to cultivate female sexual energy, empower you with effective wellness and healing strategies and deepen your intuitive body connection. You will learn paths to connect to Spirit, profound healing, and pleasure through our sacred-sexual feminine energy. It’s perfect for women, couples, and even men who’d like to learn how to be a more sensual and pleasing lover by gaining a deeper understanding of their Goddess and her body.
*We will be giving away FREE doTERRA® Yoni Healing Essential Oils in this webinar as a gift to the attendees. *

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