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Oct 22 2020 - Oct 31 2020


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Wild Women Of Abundance 10-Day Abundance Mindset Masterclass

Wild Woman Of Abundance: Become Magnetic, Clear, and Radiate Confidence

Join Michelle Alva on a 10-day online experience where we get to strengthen self-love, self-confidence and intuition. This process of self-discovery, teaches you to shift pain and tension, worry or shame to pleasure, ease, and living from a place of abundance, and feeling more than enough in all areas of your life.

  • Do you feel stuck in your life?
  • Are you feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, anxious and worried these days?
  • Are you living in survival mode?
  • Would you like to feel more free to be yourself?

I hear you. And love, I’ve got you.

I am here to hold space for you as you discover how to unleash and own your creative, feminine power, which many of us women have suppressed, ignored, or didn’t even know we have inside us.

During our virtual journey, we will:

  • Heal your limiting beliefs about yourself, your life, and your worthiness and learn to receive and embody abundance
  • Create an Abundance Mindset
  • Release the need to be perfect and controlling, and feel comfortable with yourself
  • Get in touch with your inner genius and your authentic voice
  • Say goodbye to self doubt and open up to trusting your inner wild woman, your inner goddess
  • Strengthen your intuitive heart connection, and own your sovereignty even more
  • Learn how to expand and harness creative, sensual, sexual energy
  • Feel confident with how to attract more abundance and live “in the “flow.”

TESTIMONIAL : “The Wild Women of Abundance Intensive is truly amazing. It was an incredible experience to come together with sisters of soul and spirit to elevate, lift, and empower one another. My life feels more directed, my words are more aligned with my truth and my heart is open. If you are curious even for one second, lean in to that curiosity and take this step in your journey. I am grateful that I have. Michelle is intuitive, insightful, and a gift to anyone seeking guidance in a higher fulfillment of themselves. Bringing together the mind, body, spirit connection in a safe, inclusive, and nonjudgmental way has opened up so many channels of receptivity that had long been closed. They are open and SO AM I!!! I AM a wild woman of abundance….I embrace all of who I am, I live my life unapologetically and I encourage, elevate, and empower other women to be in their truth!” -Jeannine

“The past ten days have been amazing. Knowing that I was going to connect to strong, abundant beautiful woman inspired me to stay on track and take steps to the things that I want to create. Joining this group gave me a sense of sisterhood and support. In this sensitive time it was uplifting to connect with all different ethnicity’s as we came together for one common goal and that’s to embrace the wild woman of abundance that we ALL embody. Thank you Michelle for creating such a life changing experience!” – Tamika Love, Reiki Practitioner, Sound Healer, and Aesthetician.

“As a result of this class, I have developed a mindset of unlimited possibilities starting with releasing mind blockages that were holding me back . Now the limit is the sky / the universe. Thank you so much, Michelle! You are amazing !! Love you Angel.” -Catherine S

“The Wild Woman Of Abundance class is has kept me extremely grounded in waking up every morning listening to the one-hour long Abundance Mindset meditation. The affirmations filled me with a level of self-love and self-acceptance that was never there before. It has shifted the way that I value being with myself and embracing the raw parts of me that I often hide or judge. I feel liberated because I don’t need anyone’s approval but my own. This shift is allowing me to declare my boundaries in a healthier way and to make requests from an authentic place so that I no longer have to be a pushover and people pleaser.” -Jean L

“I have changed my inner glow. I have changed my conversations about time. I prioritize myself. My self-love has shifted. I look at myself in a kind and loving way now. I am able to touch myself without judgment or shame. Learning to be inside my body has given me the courage to love myself in a compassionate way. I have experienced many benefits from being in this group! One being I now prioritizing myself. I matter, is a new belief and lifestyle. I have a new Internal conversation about money. How investing in myself is worth every penny. The universe will always provide what I need. Be intentional and a vibrational match. I have also been more compassionate with myself and I’m able to say positive affirmations. These affirmations bring joy and empowerment! -“ Stephanie Golden

“I am so grateful to have found Michelle. She has helped me feel uplifted, confident and empowered. I’ve learned so much about the importance of meditating, self-love and embodying everything that I want to attract in my life. Her one on one clearing session helped me trust my intuition even if it meant embracing big changes that seemed scary at first. Thank you, Michelle!”-Erenis G.

What You Get To Receive After Joining Wild Woman Of Abundance Online Journey:

Day 1: October 22 Thursday at 8pm-9pm ET: LIVE Masterclass Via Zoom: Abundance Mindset Change Experience and Release of Scarcity and “Not Enough.”

Day 2: October 23 Friday Listen to Abundance Mindset Activation Meditation with Journaling what you are grateful for. Create Your Wild Woman Of Abundance Embodied Declarations. (On your own at home)

Day 3: October 24 Saturday at 8pm-9pm ET: LIVE Masterclass Via Zoom: The Power Of Our Words and Speaking Our Truth

Day 4: October 25 Sunday : Listen To Abundance of Receiving: Expand Your Heart, Self-Love and Pleasure Ritual Meditation. Write your declarations (On your own at home).

Day 5: October 26 Monday: LIVE Masterclass Self-Nurturing Rituals and Body Love with Massage and Essential Oils.

Day 6: October 27 Tuesday 8pm-9pm ET : Abundance Breath Activation and Abundance of Pleasure Practice. Record Your Declarations (On your own at home).

Day 7: October 28 Wednesday 8pm-9pm ET: LIVE Masterclass Via Zoom: Abundance Yoga Activation . Guided Breath and Asana Practice to Expand and Energize Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Day 8: October 29 Thursday 8pm-9pm ET: ****Live BONUS CLASS: Sharing Vulnerably… Getting Clear and Empowerment Hour with Alva Method Practitioner Leading this class! ****

Day 9: October 30 Friday 8pm-9pm ET: Listen to Healthy Masculine-Feminine Energy Meditation Activation with Journaling what you are grateful for and video Your Wild Woman Of Abundance Embodied Declarations. (On your own at home)

Day 10: October 31 Saturday 4pm-5pm ET Abundance Activation LIVE Masterclass via Zoom: Celebrations and Tantra-Sexual Energy Activation.

Five one-hour Abundance Activation Group Sessions via Zoom on these dates:

Class 1: October 22 Thursday at 8pm ET-9pm ET

Class 2: October 24 Saturday at 8pm ET-9pm ET

Class 3: October 26 Monday at 8pm ET-9pm ET

Class 4: October 28 Wednesday at 8pm ET-9pm ET

BONUS CLASS: October 29 Thursday at 8pm ET-9pm ET

Class 5: October 31 Saturday at 4pm ET-5pm ET

  • 30-minute Abundance Activation Session with Michelle before October 31.

Next Step to join Wild Women of Abundance October 22- 31:

For more details or to register for the course, contact Michelle Alva at michelle@michellealva.com. I can’t wait to journey together and unleash your inner wild woman with you! Join the movement of awakening women to their power. Healthy Start Kit Diffuser plus essential oils and one year membership to DoTERRA is included. Click Here to join: https://doterra.me/0cs4CSkO

Investment: Space is limited. First 10 people who register receive an extra 30 mins Bonus Session with Michelle via phone! Value $200.

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