Cultivate Peace and Love Before Your Baby is Born with Nurturing Moves®

Did you know that your body is naturally

designed to love, digest, heal, energize,

birth, breastfeed and sleep soundly?




So many pregnant women today are too stressed out to be in alignment with their true nature, which is peace and balance so that all systems work to support optimal growth and development for you and your baby.

 Nurturing Moves® teaches you to reduce chronic stress by teaching you to reconnect to your natural energy and innate power so that your baby may grow healthy and strong before birth and for a lifetime.

We all posses an innate ability to heal, energize, de-stress and love to the fullest. All we need is to re-learn how to tap into this power. Nurturing Moves® serves as a highly effective, practical and fun way to bring us back home… to the experience of our Divine Essence and peace.

Nurturing Moves® is an integrative approach to pregnancy fitness, childbirth preparation, and injury prevention that enhances the connection between mother and baby before birth. Physical therapy based movements with yoga, belly dance and energy medicine teach you how to feel more energized, sleep more soundly, alleviate pain and prevent common musculoskeletal complaints during pregnancy such as sciatica, low back pain and neck/shoulder tension.

Instructor: Nurturing Moves® has been created by Michelle Alva, a Licensed Physical Therapist, Belly Dance Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Infant Massage Instructor. All exercises abide by the guidelines set forth by the ACOG. For More Information visit Michelle at
The Beautiful Music in this Video was created by Master Drummer Fernando Subirats, the producer of Free Yourself, the upcoming Guided Meditation CD I have been inspired to create for us all to live life to the fullest. Thank you to all the angels in my life that are inspiring me to walk in my path with confidence and grace. May we all BE love and live with purpose.

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