When We Love Unconditionally, We Heal The World.

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Each one of us is a vital collection of powerful interconnected molecules of energy in our vast universe.

Each one of us has the power to manifest more peace, love, balance, harmony, connection and profound healing on our planet.

All we have to do is BE in a state of unconditional love and acceptance of who we are, of everything that IS (as much as possible throughout the day).

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When we are fully engaged in the present moment, we heal and we BECOME peace, connection, love, and feel the powerful force of creation- the pulse of the universe, God, Source, whatever name you like to describe this timeless and boundless force, that is our nature.

Breathe deeply and notice how you feel as you expand and receive the breath of life through your lungs.

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Notice the expansion and fullness that is your nature.

Exhale passively, let go of this force, without any effort. Notice how the “letting go” feels.

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Take a deep inhalation and this time,
hold your breath in an expanded state of awareness (with minimum effort to hold) at the end of your full inhalation.

Notice the silence, the stillness of holding your breath in an expanded state of awareness.

Witness the sensations of “pause.”
Exhale when you can’t hold on any longer. Let go of the holding, with an Ahhhhh sound as you exhale.

“Pause” causes a window of Peace to be opened inside of you. You may even feel the pulse of your heart as you do this, revel in the magic of your powerful heart beating.

You are such a miracle. You are so powerful. You can feel your power when you accept yourself and others without conditions. You become LOVE in that split second.

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Thank you for giving yourself the gift of Pause. This moment of quiet alertness and expanded awareness raising the collective consciousness to a higher vibration in your moments of inner connecting.

Love and gratitude are the highest vibrations. Low vibrations are chronic stress, fear and disease.

In a world, where so many of us are suffering and holding onto chronic stress in our bodies or suppressing our emotions, we can all become catalysts to elevate us and bring us to a state of more harmony and balance. It it our choice how we will live today. Will you choose love or fear? Being helpful and choosing love transforms the world.

Make time each day to FEEL the powerful force of creation flowing through you. Know that everything you do affects me and you, and all of us.
Thank you.