"What Love Means To You" Global Video Project

I was recently asked to meditate on what love means to me and then create a one-minute video to share on You Tube as part of the Expand The Love Video Project created by Val Silidker, an amazing and powerful love-filled woman on a mission to raise global love consciousness.

¬† Imagine thousands of videos of individuals and groups from all around the world sharing their vision of LOVE. All ages, all colors, all religions, all cultures, all people everywhere uniting in LOVE. WATCH PEOPLE’S VIDEO SUBMISSIONS HERE!

I am asking EVERYONE to do the same! Your contribution matters! Share your vision of LOVE! It can be SPOKEN from the heart, a collection of IMAGES, MUSIC, POETRY or anything that you can create in less than one minute that captures the heart of your vision.

Let’s EXPAND THE LOVE and inspire each other with our own unique expressions of LOVE. The world needs a reminder of all the beauty that is ALIVE in our world and just how powerful LOVE truly is…

Watch Val Silidker’s Video Invitation HERE!

BE A PART OF THE MOVEMENT! http://www.ExpandtheLove.com

  The initial videos that are submitted will be screened at

   the upcoming Expand the Love Festival on 

   Saturday, September 22, 2012

   at 7th Circuit Studios 228 NE 59th Street Miami, FL 33137.

    See Facebook Invite at http://www.facebook.com/events/292330380873821/

   Send your video or a link to your one minute video to:






Let me know what love means to you and comment down below! Share this post with your friends and help us to spread the love!