Top 3 Ways To De-Stress and Energize In The Morning

Did you know that how you welcome the new day in the morning as soon as you wake up greatly influences how the rest of your day goes?

Do you wake up tired and grumpy or awake and excited for the endless possibilities in your day?

Try these 3 easy tips to get your day started with your hormones flowing full of love, joy and peace!

1. Breathing IN Life To The Fullest.

As soon as you wake up, turn your palms facing up. If you have space, bring the soles of your feet together and your hips and knees wide apart. Reach your arms overhead and take the DEEPEST, FULLEST Breath possible for you. Imagine the sun shining over you and filling you up with it’s energy, life force and vitality. Breathe in the oxygen that nature feeds us to full capactiy. Feel the expansiveness and aliveness that is your true nature as you turn up the corners of your lips and put on a BIG smile!

2. Morning Mindful Movements.

Stand up out of bed and reach your arms up over head. Extend, arch backwards your whole spine. Reach your 10 fingers away from each other. LENGHTEN and EXPAND as you breathe IN deeply. Take in a feeling of joy, peace and love as you inhale deeply. Exhale any tension, negativity or stress. Do 10 Repetitions of this movement. Notice how energized you feel ! You might eventually feel compelled to skip the coffee and replace water with lemon and ginger or cayenne for an extra metabolism boost!

If you are in need to energize in the morning, you can also try the guided meditation called Energize Me!

3. Gratitude Attitude While In Your Morning Shower.

Take a very mindful and conscious morning shower. As you bathe your body, feel grateful for your body and it’s multitude of functions. Feel grateful for your whole being, just because you are YOU! Deepen your awareness of how great it feels to have warm water washing over your body. Thank your body for being the vehicle of your creative self expression and all the many gifts your body shares with everyone. Your smile, your hugs, your meals that you create every day like an energizing morning smoothie!

MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!, as intuitive consultant Cynthia Segal says!  Happiness is a choice. We have the choice every morning to create a day filled with miracles, peace, joy and growth or to create more stress, separation and fear.

Incorporate these 3 easy steps the next time you wake up and notice how your day flows! Comment down below and share these tips with a friend!