5 Tips On How To Get In Touch With Your WHOLE Self

You are the most important person in  your life! Remember during this holiday season, to keep nurturing yourself and know that the more you feel full-filled, the more you are able to give to your friends, work and family!

The more in touch, connected and aligned we are to who we truly are, without trying to be what other’s want us to be, the easier our life flows.

You are natural, magnificent, and radiant as the sun…You are a human being made up of matter, energy and consciousness that is ONE with all living things and the universe.

We feel through our senses, emotions and intuitive awareness.  We have the unique ability to rationalize and problem solve ideas. We are perfectly designed to flow, circulate, digest, create, express ourselves, imagine, reproduce, heal, absorb nutrients, orgasm, move, posture, breast feed and love when we are engaged fully in the present moment. You are a reflection of NATURE, you are a Divine and Unique Creation of the universe.  Everyone of us has a divine purpose for being here in this lifetime.

The more you are in touch with yourself, the easier you are able to connect to your True Self and Purpose/Passion. We experience clarity when we are connected to the Divine Frequency and from that state of being we feel our inherent pleasure, sensuality, passion, joy and creativity that is our nature.

When we are connected in the present moment to all the parts of our Whole, our mind (thoughts, beliefs, emotions), physical body, and energetic body (breath and spirit) are in a state of harmony and balance and we experience our True Nature or Authentic Self.  This state of experiencing our True Essence occurs when we are fully engaged in present moment awareness.

Many times, however, we feel disconnected from parts of our Whole Self and have a challenging time bringing our whole Self fully engaged in the present moment.

1. Cultivate awareness:

The practice of mindfulness brings a deeper connection with how we feel. Mindfulness is present, moment to moment non-judgmental self-awareness.

Notice your bodily sensations, thoughts and emotions and bring awareness to the senses. This exercise has an added benefit: It awakens your sensuality! Feeling more sensual also brings you to experience more fully the present moment, which also stimulates our healing responses.

2. Diaphragmatic Breathing.

This type of breathing pattern enhances the functions of all the systems in our human being and unites us with nature. It reduces stress, balances hormones, energizes us, decreases stress hormone and brings us fully present in our bodies and the present moment. It helps us process and release.

3.Emotional Scan.

Notice your emotions. They may range from joy, empowerment, love, appreciation to fear, jealousy, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, grief, depression, despair and powerlessness. Simply witness your feelings, emotions without any judgment. Try your best to express instead of suppressing your feelings. People with depression and anxiety tend to hold back from feeling and this only makes their symptoms intensify.

4. Self-Massage and conscious, nurturing touch.

Touch your whole body, notice how you feel when you touch certain parts compared to others. Witness how your body feels from your nurturing touch. I highly recommend stimulating your genitals, that’s right, where it feels really good. Let go of any judgment surrounding masturbation. It actually is very healthy to pleasure your self, this helps you to feel more empowered and intimate with yourself. It makes you better able to share what feels great to your body with your beloved.

5. Feel the joy, pleasure and contentment that is innately YOU!

Celebrate YOU with dance, yoga, music, singing, writing, exercise and any rhythmical whole body movement experience that motivates and inspires you!

Creative self-expression is so healthy and healing! Allow your soul to express itself through your creativity.

Try these exercises and notice how much more connected and in touch you feel! Share these exercises with a friend and comment down below!