The Truth About Honesty

The Truth About Honesty at


Honesty is a fairness and straightforwardness of conduct.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

It is our nature to be honest. To tell the truth actually makes us feel lighter. We feel relaxed and energized when we are honest. When we lie or avoid the truth, we are actually lowering our energy and make ourselves feel heavier or stressed out.

Why do we lie? Why do we complicate our lives?

Honesty is only achievable when we allow our own truth to be revealed to ourselves. The more we can live our lives from a place of what is our true heart’s desire, the more honesty we can experience. Sometimes we fear being honest with ourselves because we might hurt someone else or we may be rejected if we are true. Acting from a place of love instead of fear allows us to be living honestly.
When we are most honest with ourselves and others, we actually align with what is for everyone’s highest good. For example, let’s say you are supposed to go to dinner with a girlfriend but are feeling tired and you feel obligated to keep your date because you don’t want to upset your friend. It is more relaxing for you to just cancel your plans if it feels light for you to. Your friend might be upset of disappointed, but you being true to yourself is always much healthier.

Your friend might have an amazing unexpected experience happen to them because they were not with you that evening! You never know, this universe works in mysterious ways, always working in our favor, if we just stay true to what feels right for us.

The more we stay true, the more our hearts open. We feel ease and lightness when we live connected to our authentic and honest self.

The Truth About Honesty at

A guided meditation called Breathe In Love helps us to let go of tension and stress that we may have held in our heart. We can practice the exercises for the heart in this guided meditation to feel more open and connected to the truth of our heart’s desire.

Communicate honestly, allow love to guide you with an open and brave heart and notice how your honesty benefits everyone around you, starting with yourself.

I love to know how you benefit from honesty. Share with your friends and comment down below!