How To Strengthen The Most Important Relationship In Our Lives

There is a relationship that we often don’t hear about that one underlies all relationships, the relationship we have with who we are, our Soulf, I don’t mean your relationship with you body, do you exercise and eat healthy food? I don’t mean the relationship with your mind, do you think healthy thoughts and have healthy beliefs that support your visions for your dream life? I mean the part of you that is able to witness your body, thoughts and emotions , do you accept yourself completely and wholeheartedly?

There is a part of us that is not our body and not our thoughts, but the observer of our body and thoughts. This aspect we refer to as Soul or spirit, the aspect of us that is beyond space and time, the part of us that is the essence of who we are. To say we are a “self” takes us away from being a part of the collective whole. I propose we add a new word to the Websters dictionary to better explain what we are, a SOULF. We are a body, mind and spirit combination happening in the present moment and operating synergistically with all our aspects along with the whole universe. We are multi-dimensional thinking and feeling beings that receive inspiration, creative guidance and intuitive messages that are beyond understanding even in our own minds. There are unexplainable forces working with us and things we are capable of doing beyond our own comprehension (like people going into spontaneous cancer remission).

How do you relate with your soulf throughout your day?

Are you your own best friend and biggest lover to yoursoulf? Are you your greatest cheerleader for yoursoulf? Do you know how to lift yoursoulf up when your overhwhelmed or thinking too much? Can you will yoursoulf to keep going through the tough times or do you give in to hurtful thoughts?

I bring this up because I notice frequently that the relationship with our whole being, our Soulf, that is often the reason why we have imbalances in our bodies, minds and in our lives. Often times, we are not valuing the whole being that we are enough. We are too often not prioritizing self-care and self-nurturence to all the aspects of who we are. Some of us may nurture more our bodies, or our intellect, and others may not nurture enough the essence of who we are. Some of us may give to others before we give to ourselves in the form of over working, over eating and over giving of ourselves. We run on empty and feel resentful. We stress out and feel drained and without passion. Is this you?

I know for me, I realized in my mid-30’s how my own thoughts and beliefs about myself were effecting my life. I was very hard on myself, always wanting to improve myself, because of deep seated feelings of unworthiness that stemmed from my childhood. I lived my life constantly feeling as though I wasn’t good enough. There was another training or certification that I alwasy seemed to have to take, so that I could become a “better” therapist and person. This way of feeling is really exhausting and depleting for our body, mind and soul.

Today I feel worthy and accepting of who I am, just as I am. I no longer identify my worthiness based on my degree or titles. I have embraced who I am exactly as I am, at least to the fullest capacity I am able to consciously from all this healing work and self-empowerment, self-enrichment techniques and modalities I have learned over the years. I have fully embraced my Soulf.

It is so important for us to nourish all of who we are, our body, mind and soul equally so we may feel true love, compassion, joy, passion, balance and peace within. When we fully embrace, appreciate, accept and honor ourselves, everything in life feels so much more delicious!

Try these exercises throughout the day to strengthen the connection with all the aspects of who you are, the whole being that you are, your Soulf:

1. Notice how you feel.

Tune into your heart and gut throughout your day. Schedule times throughout your day to close your eyes and feel your heart and stomach area. These are two places in our bodies where we can feel our intuitive guidance. Our bodies are perfectly equipped to reveal wisdom about ourselves to ourselves. All it takes is a practice of listening. Notice how your body feels and how these areas feel. Place your hands there to feel more. Ask yourself, “How do I feel? Is there anything I need to know right now?” Check in throughout your day and be open to receiving messages from your soulf.

2. Mindful Breathing.

Notice how it feels to breathe consciously. Feel the expansion of your chest, abdomen and ribs. Notice the sound of your breath. Notice how it feels to breathe deeply and slowly. Be the observer of your bodily sensations as you breathe and feel the flow of life passing through you. This exercise integrates your whole being: body, mind and soul. Being fully present in the moment aligns you to the feeling of who you are, the aliveness that is flowing through you.

3. Allow your creative self-expression.

Create! Our nature is to create, your soul is the aspect of you that is creating. When we create we align with who we are. Allow your ideas and intuitive guidance to be fully expressed unfiltered and free! Create a picture, write something new, dance a new dance, sing a new song, play a new instrument, walk a new path to work, create a new way of doing things, ask for your creative energy to be ignited in every activity. Allow the force of creation to flow through you and notice what arises!

Let me know how this article benefits you and sparks some new ideas or reflections of how you relate with the most important person in your life!

Listen HERE to Guided Meditation for Self-Love and Self-Acceptance to strengthen the relationship with the most precious Soulf in your life!

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