Guided Meditation CD

Top 6 Benefits Of Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation CDBillions of people today suffer from chronic stress, pain and tension. Our modern life has caused us to experience an epidemic of burn out, chronic fatigue and stress related illnesses.

More than ever we are in need of integrating activities into our lives that bring us to a state of balance and peace.

Meditation is a focused mental activity that is proven to bring us to a state of balance where we can deeply relax and lead more joyful and productive lives.

There are many forms of meditation. One of the easiest ways to learn how to focus the mind is to listen to guided meditations. Spoken word guidance with relaxing nature sounds and music brings us to a state of calm alertness so we may lead a healthier life.

Researched Benefits of Guided Meditation

Psychological Benefits:

• Increasing your intelligence

• Improving your memory

• Enhancing your creativity

• Drastically improving your ability to think clearly

• Improved problem solving abilities

• Decreasing anxiety

• Decreasing & eliminating depression

• Helping to resolve addictions

• Reducing irritability and moodiness

• Enjoying a more positive outlook

Physical Benefits:          

• Reduced muscular tension

• Strengthened immune system

• Accelerated ability to recover from strenuous exercise

• Decreased high blood pressure

• Lowered cholesterol levels

• Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

• Reduced strain related pain, such as headaches

• Ability to sleep more deeply and restfully

• Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing

• Reduction of free radicals Рorganic molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage, and possibly some diseases

• Reduced levels of stress hormones such as cortisol

• Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation

Emotional Well-Being Benefits:                                     

• Improved sense of positivity

• Increased confidence

• Greater ability to give and receive love

• Elimination of panic attacks

• Greater sense of warmth and openness towards others

Spiritual Benefits:

• A greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives

• A feeling of connectedness to others

• An openness to love and to higher guidance

• Improved intuition

‚Ä¢ A tendency to “let go” and go with the flow of life

 I have created 6 different spoken word guided meditations that teach you how to activate your innate power and ability to self-heal, energize and release negative emotions or old beliefs that weigh us down or hold us back from BEing our authentic and powerful Self.

These guided meditations are unique because they teach you how to bring yourself into a state of physical, mental-emotional and energetic balance. They teach you how to process and release stored emotions, physical an chronic stress and pain, and how to tap into the neurohormone of love, healing and connection. Individuals learn how to activate key muscles to revitalize and deeply relax.

My background as a physical therapist, healing energy practitioner, yoga therapist and belly dance teacher has inspired me to create a multi-sensory experience through guided meditation. You will “become aware and feel” the innate freedom and splendor that is your natural state of being.

This is why the CD is called Free Yourself.

Try any one or a few of the following tracks daily and notice how they enhance the quality of your life. Comment down below and let me know how they benefit you!


Guided Meditation CD

Free Yourself Guided Meditations and Description 


1. Let Go And Love (14:48 minutes):

Do you hold tension in your chest, heart or throat? Do you have high blood pressure or hold a lot of anger? Do you worry a lot and get very irritable? Learn how to release negative emotions that weigh you down. If you feel stuck or off balance, this guided meditation teaches you how to release and let go so you can live the life you truly desire. Fill yourself up with the power of love while also experiencing the healing benefits of gratitude and appreciation for who you are.

2. Awareness (11:40):

If you have a hard time BEing present in the moment and feel distracted by your thoughts throughout your day that take you away from really enjoying what is, this meditation is great for you. If you feel you have difficulty feeling or sensing what is the right decision for you, this is also a great exercise. This meditation brings you clarity of mind and a heightened self-awareness that makes decision-making much easier with practice.

3. Clear The Fear (12:25):

Does fear or other negative emotions such as guilt, shame, worry or anxiety hold you back from living your life with ease, joy and happiness? Learn how to clear emotional blockages and feel refreshed and rejuvenated after listening to this guided meditation. Wipe out what’s holding you back from listening to this guided meditation at least once per day.

4. Energize Me (10:08):

Do you feel chronically fatigued? Do you have low energy? Is it difficult for you to get motivated and feel energized? Listen to this guided meditation and feel refreshed, renewed and re-energized! Learn how to connect to your intuition and feel your subtle energy. Feel connected to your flow and learn how to enhance your flow so that you can accomplish your tasks today with more ease!

5. Fly High (11:45):

Do you want to move forward in your life but sometimes feel small and as though certain goals are not achievable? This guided meditation empowers you to reach new heights and step out of your comfort zone with a renewed sense of confidence. This is a great meditation for those who are going through a major life transition such as a separation, divorce, heart ache, move or seeking a major life change in the direction of success! Feel comfortable connected to your greatness in just a few minutes!

6. I Am So Worth It (8:58):

How much do you value yourself? Do you realize people treat you exactly the way you perceive your self-worth? Explore your inner state and assess how much your inner self-relationship is affecting your outer world and relationships. Feel how special you are in every cell of your being and celebrate the authentic you with this beautiful self-nurturing meditation. This is a great meditation for mothers, teachers, caregivers and people who tend to over-extend themselves and have a difficult time receiving.  Strengthen your ability to give more to yourself so you can give more to others with this guided meditation.

What people are saying about Free Yourself Guided Meditations:

“Michelle’s Free Yourself guided meditations have helped me in more ways than I could have possibly imagined! I always wanted to meditate ona daily basis, but I had a difficult time committing to it. Once I purchased the CD, I have been able to commit to a daily mediation for over a month now, with Michelle as my guide.The results are amazing. I feel more relaxed and centered and when I encounter a stressful situation, I am better able to respond with calmness instead of panic.I love the meditations so much that I added them to my iPhone so I can listen to them anywhere or any time I need to relax or re-focus my attention.Thank you Michelle for sharing your healing and relaxing techniques with the world!”  Allison Semancik, President of Idea Sprouts Marketing.

“Michelle’s guided meditations are food for the soul.  Free Yourself is not a traditional meditation CD. The  messages are unique and empowering. Listening to it makes me feel relaxed, re-energized, and capable of sharing my unique gifts with the world. I live a fast-paced life and Free Yourself helps me stay on track while appreciating the beauty that lives in each moment.” Dr. Sonjia Kenya, best-selling author of Sex in South Beach