Suffering Helps Us Grow and Gain New Perspectives

Many of us experience pain, distress, and sickness throughout our lives.  How we cope with our suffering affects how much pain we perceive and our overall health.  Sometimes we get upset with what happens to us and we feel angry that we are sick or experiencing pain, this only makes things worse.

How we look at pain, distress and suffering is our choice. We can see everything as a blessing and accept it without judgement.  We can also learn to activate our innate self-healing abilities to assist the suffering in flowing and releasing as it wants to.  We give our pain and distress more power when we become frustrated and judge or label our suffering.

3 Ways that Suffering Helps Us To Grow, Heal and Learn:‚Ä®

1. Suffering makes us feel more and align with our true purpose or heart’s desire.

Some of us live our daily lives in our “mind”. We think about what we need to get done (so we can be truly successful-but base it on what other people think or want from us), we get it done, and then we think about the next thing we need to accomplish. We sometimes forget to feel, to ask ourselves “what is my true heart’s desire?”.

Many of us are living on “auto-pilot” without trusting our intuition, higher knowing, or gut feeling.¬† We sometimes live in our “mind’s” desires of what we think is what we need to accomplish, this comes from our ego-without asking ourselves if it is truly in alignment with our soul’s purpose or authentic self.

Our lives sometimes feel empty and we feel less motivated.  We sometimes are living for what others expect from us, or want us to do, we live from obligation.  This way of living brings on more suffering. It is as if our soul is trying to wake us up, by creating suffering in our lives. Does this hold true for you, has your suffering been a wake up call for you to live more aligned to your authentic self?

2.  Perceive your suffering as an opportunity or blessing.

What you believe you receive.  View your pain and distress as an opportunity to learn and grow.  What is this pain or distress teaching you?

Self-acceptance, trust, patience, and self nurturing are some of the many blessings that suffering brings.  When we are in pain, we tend to appreciate what we have more, we tend to slow down, reflect on our lives and appreciate our bodies more because we miss our health.  Appreciate whatever you feel, and that will automatically relax you and help the energy of suffering move.  The more you relax, the less pain you perceive.  Try it.

3. Suffering reminds us to take care of ourselves and make ourselves priority #1.

When we experience pain or distress, we tend to prioritize our needs much more because it is harder to function in our daily roles (mother, teacher, professional, etc.) as when we were pain-free.  Pain and distress get our attention and force us to go within and seek solutions to alleviate our pain so we can function at our full potential as quickly as possible.

It is important to give ourselves time to feel and heal, not just to numb ourselves and block feeling with drugs or addictions because then true healing is dampened.  We can move on and feel more whole when we allow our natural healing process to do their job, as healing is always taking place within us.

Eat healthy, natural and organic foods, fill yourself up with healthy thoughts, feelings and relationships and pray or meditate. All these support healing, flowing your energy, and forward progress.

Trust that everything is always happening for your highest good and the good of all.

The universal order is perfect. Trust you can overcome all obstacles, that is your nature. Sometimes we need to experience thunderstorms, earthquakes and major life catastrophes so we may appreciate the sunny days and calm breezes even more.

One thing is for sure, suffering helps us to know ourselves on a deeper level and it also develops character and inner strength.

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