The Benefits of Singing From The Heart

The human brain produces approximately 70,000 thoughts on an average day. Too often the thoughts we select lead us to experience stress, pain or fear.

Singing the Hebrew prayer “Hayotzeir” as played in this video by the music of Rabbi Marc Labowitz and The TAO Orchestra is a way to experience the present moment and focus the mind on the direct experience of Divine Love.

Create an intention before you sing and dedicate your prayer to someone or something.  In this video, we sing with the intention of opening our hearts so we all may open ourselves to the love that is flowing through us when we simply allow ourselves to BE present. Sing with us as you watch this video and experience the benefits of this sacred song and hold the intention of unconditional love flowing through you. Notice the benefits.

When you sing with the intention of filling up your heart with Divine love, you heal, lower your stress levels, deeply relax and transform your life.

I recently joined the TAO Orchestra led by Rabbi Marc Labowitz of TAO Center For South Florida Jewish Renewal. This experience has awakened in me an excitement for celebrating and honoring the Divine inside us all in community. I have found “home” inside of myself and with this spiritual community led by Rabbi Marc, the TAO Orchestra and it’s TAO members.¬† Rabbi Marc and TAO-Temple Adath Or stands for Together In Oneness and they are truly beyond dogma. Though this community is Jewish in religious faith, they welcome all religious faiths and spiritual paths to join in celebration of our connection to one another and the Divine inside us all through Friday and Saturday TAO Services.

Singing with a sacred intention, to honor the divine in all of us is a very uplifting and healing experience.

Sing the following sacred prayer to clear your mind of restless thoughts and sing from your heart to feel the universal, divine heart that we are ALL a part of.  Feel your words emanating from your heart and experience a deep knowing that we are all significant and from the same Divine Heart.

Ha Yotzeir

Ha Yotzeir Yachad Libam
Hameivin El Kol Maaseihem

God Forms Everyone From The Same Heart
Know This And You Will Understand Everything

Dios Creo Todo De El Mismo Corazon
Si Sabes Esto Lo Entenderas Todo
Psalms 33

Sing with us the first and third Friday of the month at 7pm. Next Friday Service is July 6 and 20th at 7pm for Shabbas Services.

Friday Shabbas LOCATION:

1350 East Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Approximately 2 miles east of I-95
On south side of Sunrise Boulevard
Entrance and parking in rear of library in Fort Lauderdale

Experience a truly uplifting and sacred experience with a great community of people!
Visit for more details.

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