Reflections On War: How To Become A Solution For World Peace

War kills














Reflections on what can be learned from the possibility of war…
War is a sign that disagreement and lack of self-respect has been brewing for too long. There is internal conflict.
War is a sign that judgement, separation and ego has taken over.
Realize that love, peace and unconditional acceptance in the moment is a path to lift the sanctions imposed by the possibility of war.
After realizing this, BECOME the solution.

Tips on How to Become a Catalyst For World Peace:

Peace on Earth begins within.

Peace on Earth begins within.


We are waves and particles of energy. Energy functions at the speed of light. We all affect each other in every moment. We all are literally not separate, this is merely an illusion.

See yourself in everything and everyone. I AM, THAT I AM. I am that tree, I am that child, I am that forest, I am that ocean, I am all living things. I am an extension of everything living, of every planet in this vast universe. I am not separate from anything in nature. We are breathing oxygen from everything that is green. We create carbon dioxide for all of nature to exist. We are so connected to each other, breathing the same air. Our thoughts affect one another, our thoughts and beliefs about war and peace affect our body’s cells and the whole planet’s.¬† We seeing ourselves as so intricately connected and whole, causes us to ACT and THINK differently. Notice how your whole perspective and actions shift when you acknowledge our Oneness and Interconnectedness.

Love Peace


















Accept what is happening in the world in this present moment. Forgive all those who hurt, cause suffering and pain on our earth and its inhabitants. Forgiveness and acceptance create new possibilities for healing to and release of the past to occur. This opens up the flow of love and peace instantly.

When You Embrace Diversity You Accept Yourself.


See everything happening as perfect. Have fierce compassion. Don’t question things or ask “Why” is this happening? We are doubting God/Divine Source/Nature when we ask why. This is a waste of time. Trust that everything is unfolding always for everyone’s highest good. This may look horrible for you, yet you are no one to judge or comment on someone else’s life. Each one of us is on our own spiritual path. It looks different to each of us since we are all here to learn and grow our own unique lessons based on what we need to fulfill our life’s purpose.



Instead focus on solutions by asking your Higher Self/Spirit/Intuitive Self, “how can I be helpful?”
What new possibility may I create to uplift and heal my world? Notice what solutions arise from your asking more questions. Our nature is to Love. Our nature is to heal. Our nature is to release and let go of the past. Our nature is to connect and grow. Our nature is abundance. All of these are inherently aligned with our nature and therefore in accordance with the natural laws and ways of things. These cause our bodies to feel more at peace. When we go against our nature, we feel chronic stress. Things just don’t work out easily and with flow. Things feel heavy and draining. We deserve to live with peace and in the flow of nature, this is our birthright.
Be helpful, not hurtful.

5. Practical tips on how to apply these:
Breathe daily fully and freely with FULL ACCEPTANCE. Take in the maximum inhalation, allow exhalation to be passive. Let go of control during exhalation. Inhalation is an opportunity to receive fully and consciously. Passive Exhalation teaches us how to surrender, allow and accept the present moment AS IS.

Get in a comfortable position and try these breaths of acceptance. FEEL THE EXERCISE.

Peace on earth can be achieved when we feel peace inside. Acceptance of ourselves and all in the present moment is a great place to begin. This allows love, connection, and the Sacred to be experienced.

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Wishing you well. Please share this message with your friends. The more people we awaken and empower, the more powerfully we can co-create heaven on earth.