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Michelle Alva at a Glance:

Michelle Alva, PT is your inspirational speaker for corporate events delivering science-based, spiritual and multi-sensory learning experiences. Specializing in deep and profound “Hands On" transformational healing, stress management, community building and increasing productivity and happiness in the workplace.

Events and Promoters:

Michelle's soothing energetic presence will captivate your audience's attention. Created with you in mind, Michelle's presentations and programs are aligned with the needs of your clients and audience.

Presentation Topics

How To De-Stress At Your Desk

What is the secret of staying healthy in this high-tech world? 
No doubt, the advancements of technology have drastically improved the way we manage our daily routine. Our devices have made our lives a lot more convenient. The way we implement them in our lives can have potentially adverse effects on our health. Problems like back pain, computer vision syndrome, carpel tunnel are all effects of over-usage.
Michelle will share with you ergonomic strategies to improve your posture, energy flow and how to reduce pain, tension and stress while thriving in a highly demanding job. Instead of feeing exhausted, you will learn to flow with life and see the challenges of being an entrepreneur as an opportunity to thrive!

A Mindfulness Meditation Approach To Transform Stress

Michelle guides you with experiential and fun ways to create a sacred learning space. Where we can easily and effectively release and process old repressed physical and emotional traumas.

She will teach us how to:
  • Feel Centered and Clear
  •  Extinguish Stressful Triggers and Tensions
  •  Feel Lighter and Freer in Your Body & Mind
  •  Embody Forgiveness & Release
  •  Activate the Hormone of Healing, Focus, Connection and Love Easily & Effectively
Michelle’s mission is to create easy, effective and fun ways for us to be empowered. The end result: we live our lives to the fullest.

Change Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life

Did you know your thoughts and perceptions affect your physiology and how you express your DNA?
Learn the latest in quantum physics and how our mindset affects our body, mind and emotions. 
Michelle Alva will teach you the art of change and how to let go and integrate these new strategies into daily life.
  •  Identify limiting beliefs
  •  Align your mindset with your vibrational body for optimal learning of how to shift limiting thoughts
  •  Tap into the power of your mind to create and release thoughts that are no longer serving you
  •  Learn how to be a powerful and deliberate creator in every day life

Trust Your Gut & Ignite Your Intuition

It’s time for us to come to our senses and deepen our human connection so we may feel the richness, wonder, and awe of the present moment and our inner space. When we do this, we create peaceful pleasure and this vibrates out to the world, elevating everyone around us, beginning with ourselves.
Join me for this experiential lecture where we will cover these points below:
  •  Learn meditative practices that heal your stomach and gut area
  •   Heal from the inside out
  •  Calm Your Central Nervous System and Activate Balance
  •  Learn how to naturally energize and feel more alive
  •  Easily Access Your Intuitive Guidance System and Higher Wisdom

Believe me, it works. Just ask them!

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Michelle Alva is the divine world’s best-kept secret. With over 20 years of experience to create The Alva healing process, This wonder woman is ready to liberate the world... one event at a time. She's your Inspirational Speaker delivering science-based, spiritual and multi-sensory learning experiences. She delivers a deep and profound “Hands On” transformational healing. She guides you through stress management, community building and increasing productivity and happiness in the workplace.


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