Practical Ways To De-Stress Throughout Your Day with Michelle Alva, PT


Did you know that more than 8o% of all diseases are attributed to chronic stress?

Add relaxing activities into your daily life, such as in the video above, to counteract the negative side effects of chronic stress and tension.

Most of the reasons why we need to calm is because we overuse our minds to think thousands of thoughts which more often than not lead our bodies into fear and flight or fight mode. Too often we allow our thoughts to lead us into states of chronic stress, anxiety or depression.

We all know today based on current scientific research that integrating the practice of daily forms of meditation alleviates the negative side effects of chronic stress, anxiety, depression and a host of other conditions. Link here for the researched benefits of meditation.

Did you know that the way you live your life can actually BE a form of meditation?
All that is needed is your full presence in every moment. When you bring yourself fully engaged into every moment and show up your authentic and true self, you are living in a lighter way, which leads to a more peaceful and calm mind.

A form of mediation is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness means present, moment to moment awareness. Bring yourself into the experience of every moment without judgement, analysis or criticism. This enables your mind to calm more and live in a meditative state.

Integrate the following rituals and exercises into your daily life to bring your mind and body to experience your true nature, which is inner peace and calm.

Practice these exercises daily and let me know how they benefit you!

1. Morning Wake-Up Ritual.

Make sure to breathe IN life to the fullest as soon as you wake up! Expect miracles in your life! Expect the best day ever!

2. Love Your Body In The Shower.

Feel grateful when you take a shower for your body. Touch yourself in a loving way while you appreciate your body for all the amazing actions it partakes in every day! Your body is always dying old parts, and creating new cells. Your body is always healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. How incredible our bodies are, and our minds!

3. Mindful eating at breakfast time.

Bring your full attention to the food preparation for breakfast and also feel grateful for your meals. Turn off the cell phone and tv while you eat so you may experience the benefits of eating not just to live, but eating as a way of nourishing and healing yourself.

4. Look In The Mirror. Smile at yourself and be grateful for who you are, just as you are.
Remember that you are a sacred and divine creation, a mystery that is a gift to everyone when you are fully present.

5. Acknowledge and Appreciate You!

We can love, respect and appreciate others the more we know how to love, respect and appreciate ourselves for just being us. Remember that you are special and unique just as you are. When we realize how precious and unique we are, there is no need for competition and jealousy!

You are a mystery and your body is the sacred temple that houses your soul. Treat your body and mind as sacred.

The more we love and appreciate, the more we feel calm, connected and relaxed.

Spread the love today and relax yourself, you will be a treat to be around! Share this video with a friend and comment below!