How To Nurture, Energize and Heal Your Belly

When was the last time you nurtured and appreciated your Belly?

Did you know that the way you feel about your belly affects your digestion, stress level, sleep, libido, immunity and mood?

Do you need more Belly Love?  The skin over your chest and abdomen has the most receptors for the love hormone.

Relax, re-energize and raise your own levels of love hormone (aka Oxytocin) by adding a few simple

mind-body-breath exercises into your “morning wake up” or “go to sleep” routine.

Nurture yourself with these Nurturing Moves:

1. Breathe IN Belly Love with Diaphragmatic Breathing. Get in a comfortable position. Take the fullest inhalation. Feel the lengthening and expansion of your chest and abdomen. Exhale passively.  Let go of stress and tension when you exhale.

Remember: LENGTHENING is the Opposite of STRESS.  Feel LENGTHENING in your belly to de-stress your whole body.


2. Clockwise “Circles Of Love” Belly Massage. Place your right hand over your abdominal area.

(above the pubic bone and below the rib cage is the area you want to massage)

Create clockwise “circles¬† of Love” with your right palm applying a medium pressure over your tummy.¬†

As you massage, notice how your tummy feels.  Do you feel tightness or softness. How does touching your belly make you feel?

This part of our body sometimes holds tension, pain and/or emotions. 

Notice what you feel without judgement or criticism.

Allow your belly to soften and relax.  Do at least 50 clockwise Circles of Love over your belly.

This exercise improves energy levels, libido, body image, immunity and reduces constipation, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, and sleep problems. If you are holding on to past emotions and want to move forward and digest the old, this exercise is for you!

3. I Am Grateful and Appreciate My Belly.¬† Our belly is the home for many important organs that provide vital functions in our daily life like digestion, immunity, elimination, reproduction… feel gratitude and admiration for this amazing part of your

body as you breathe fully and bring loving intentions to this body part.  Thank your belly and your

whole body.  Our bodies are so amazing. They balance and coordinate so many different functions

throughout the day. 

BE A WISE ONE: Make time daily to pause, to rest and re-boot your whole system.

Prevent Chronic Stress so you may truly experience the joy, pleasure and splendor that is innately yoU!

Let me know how these Loving Exercises help you by posting a comment down below!

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