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The Benefits Of Living Connected To All Of You

Do you feel connected to your heart and soul? Or does fear and doubt weigh over you?

Do you run on intuition, inner guidance or does your mind steer your life and frequently in the wrong direction?

When we live connected to all of who we are, our intuition is clear and easy to feel. We know without thinking, what is best for us, and it usually steers us in the right direction, that which is connected to our true heart’s desires. I know because I used to live guided by fear, by the doubts in my mind, the “shoulds” and what others wanted from me. I used to ignore what my heart and soul wanted, for fear of making others unhappy and of not being loved, because I used to look for love and self-approval outside of me…  what I wanted, might not be what others wanted from me and that means my life would have to change.

By the time I was 37, I felt very burnt out and exhausted, I even looked older and was heavier than I am now. I was holding on to a lot of stress, which I had created mostly by my thoughts and beliefs of how I was supposed to be. I used to ignore my intuitive guidance system. I didn’t accept myself or love myself enough back then… so it was difficult for me to accept and love the people who were closest to me at the time. So I disconnected each year from my Truth, from the core of my being. This became my new normal. Living disconnected from my true heart’s desires and my soul was very unsatisfying. My life seemed perfect on the outside, yet inside there was this emptiness feeling.

Sometimes in our lives, we experience traumas, grief, and loss. If we have a difficult time allowing our hurts, pains and wounds to be felt, we disconnect from our hearts also. Many of us are walking around wounded, disconnected and numbed out. To heal means to become whole, and to live whole means to live fully alive. When we feel our hurts, our past wounds, our traumas and allow those feelings to flow through us, we actually cause them to transform and release, to transmute and free up in our body tissues.

Yet many of us avoid feeling. When it gets too deep, we shut down and distract ourselves from the present moment, sometimes by being too busy in our lives, or with addictions to food, alchohol, sex, or even spirituality!

My life had a rude awakening 5 years ago that made me question everything I had worked towards, everything I thought was the right thing to do… if you are feeling weighed down and overwhelmed, not feeling innate joy and lightness of being, click HERE to download a free guided meditation to Ignite our third chakra, our solar plexus to Empower Our Center and Ignite Your Soul’s Joy. From my life experiences, I have been so passionately inspired to create solutions so we may live our lives fully embodied, whole, and delicious as I like to call it!

How do you connect to your heart, soul and intuition? Share with us and may we inspire one another to live more connected, for that is why we are here! To be the full creative expression of our beautiful heart and soul! When we live this way, we become a gift to everyone around us!

And if you are in South Florida, join me Thursday December 17th at 6:30pm for Embody Connection, a Sensual Yoga Playshop. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. 

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