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Relax and De-Stress with Pelvic Floor Awareness Exercises

The Pelvic Floor Muscles are located between your pubic bone and tailbone. 

They are hammock shaped. These muscles are very important because they keep our internal organs at an optimal posture inside our pelvis. They prevent incontinence.  A relaxed and strong pelvic floor allows us to feel “uplifted” from the inside out and experience the innate pleasure that sexual intercourse and lovemaking brings. A tight pelvic floor causes sensations of pain during intercourse.

These muscles are deep and internal and tend to hold emotions if we were abused sexually or touched in a way we did not approve of. Sometimes we carry tension and pain in this area for years because of suppressed emotions like shame, guilt or humiliation from these past traumas. 

The posture that you assume if you work at a desk 6-8 hours a day, may cause these muscles to be tight or chronically tense.

Pelvic Floor Awareness Exercises are a great way to maintain optimal health for your pelvic floor and genitals, a sacred area where we are so perfectly designed to experience openness, creativity, pleasure and connection.

Practice Pelvic Floor Awareness Exercises when you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep to release tension, stress and repressed emotions from the past so you may live your life to the fullest.


1. Optimal Posture To Lengthen and Notice Your Pelvic Floor Sensations.

Lay down in a comfortable position with the soles of your feet together and your knees wide apart. 

Close your eyes. NOTE: If your outer thighs are high off the floor, place pillows underneath the thighs for support. Bring your shoulder blades down and back. Lengthen the crown of your head away from your hips.

Notice how your pelvic floor muscles “feel.”  Do they feel tense or relaxed, lengthened or contracted?  What emotions if any do you feel in this area of your body?  Do you feel pleasure, peace, joy or tension, anger, shame, guilt?  Simply notice what sensations and feelings arise as you bring awareness to your pelvic floor muscles.  Is there a color or sound that you feel when you notice your pelvic floor?

You can draw what you feel to deepen your awareness of your pelvic floor. Listen to this guided meditation HERE to Relax your pelvic floor and Embody Trust and Self-Acceptance.

2. Breathe in deeply through your nose.

Pretend you have a lung at the base of your spine, between the pubic bone and tailbone. notice the effect that inhalation has on the movement of your pelvic floor muscles. And if you would like to deepen your sensual and healing experience while you do this exercise use Sacred Body Love massage oil. CLICK HERE for details.

3. Exhale, ahhhh.

Notice what happens to your pelvic floor muscles when you exhale. Do your muscles feel more relaxed or tense?

Inhale, exhale with full awareness of the pelvic floor movements created by your breath. Simply noticing how you feel in your pelvic floor causes energy to move in this area of your body, promotes healing, raises your libido and relaxes these muscles that sometimes hold tension, fear or stress.

4. Feel grateful for these muscles! They bring us so many benefits and pleasure!

The pelvic floor muscles pulsate when you orgasm. These muscles also make us feel more grounded and connected to our roots, the foundation of who we are.  It is vital for us to experience our totality and these muscles remind us to not just BE in our heads, but also in our pelvis! Practice these exercises daily, and let me know how they benefit you! Write a comment down below and share this article with a friend! AND if you have pain, tension, weakness of have experienced any form of trauma in this area, contact me to schedule a one-on-one long distance OR in person Alva Method Healing Session at . 
Your body was designed to experience peace, joy and pleasure every day.  Nurture your pelvic floor and feel grateful everyday for your amazing body, the temple of your soul! Thank you Pelvic Floor.

TESTIMONIAL of the Benefits of The Alva Method for Pelvic Pain from a phone healing session of a client in Australia:
“I had my session with Michelle over the phone. I am in Australia. I was very nervous and was not sure how is it going to work but Michelle made my whole experience so relaxing. Her soothing voice was so good to keep me connected with my body. I started my session feeling very stressed but surprisingly finished my session feeling really relaxed. I even noticed some of my muscles vibrating during the session as they were releasing the emotions and tension. Michelle is very kind, patient and compassionate. She goes beyond and above her duty to help us. She herself has been through the pelvic pain so she truly understands how it feels. Michelle is very open and honest about her methods. Her methods are really unique combination of her PHYSIO KNOWELDGE, yoga, breathing , relaxation and mindfulness. She makes everything so easy to understand. Go ahead and book your session to see Michelle if you have not yet, it will be worth every single penny. She truly took care of me and gave me enough time. She uses energy psychology techniques to change our beliefs/ emotions like resentment or anger that sometimes are what’s limiting our progress and we may not even be aware of it! My pain was down by 50% after that session, as Michelle guided me to work with my mind, body, emotions and soul which is so different than other physios I’ve been to. I felt at peace, I felt so empowered and at peace after my session. I did not know that it was possible to release so much via a PHONE session. Michelle put all her heart into her work to help me. This simple and easy to understand Alva Method techniques are SCIENCE BASED which really made my nervous system calm down. I forgive some people after the session in my body tissue; not just in my mind. It makes moving forward really easy.”-Binal C.
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