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Leadership, Balance and BEing at Florida International University's WOMEN WHO LEAD Conference

LEADING… SERVING… LEARNING On Thursday, March 29th at FIU.


Florida International University’s Women Who Lead Conference is designed to further enhance the leadership development of female students at FIU and is sponsored by the Women’s Center of FIU. Their mission is to provide women with programs and services related to their intellectual, professional and pesonal growth. They advocate for bettering the lives of both men and women.

There were some men who attended also FYI. 

I served on a panel that spoke on the topic of living in balance and being a leader. The students seemed so eager and willing to shine and learn ways to improve themselves and contribute to their society.

After lunch I was supposed to guide us in meditation and yoga with some breathing exercises. Everyone seemed so content sitting with a look on their faces that said “My stomach is full and you want me to get up and stretch?” So I just went with the flow and shared how to Live our Yoga.

The video above is what I presented for the conference attendees.

I feel we are all graduating everyday and moving into unchartered territory just as these students are every day when we step into the unknown and follow our intuition/inner guidance whole-heartedly.

There is so much we don’t know… these students are preparing to graduate and I could feel the fear in the room.  A lot of my talk was on trusting and staying present in the moment, to have a vision for what we want to co-create, to have goals and intentions, but to also let go and let it all flow… as it does anyways.

Balance is not always the middle point on a line, but rather the place where we feel the most ease and flow.  When things are off balance, we feel drained, resistance and overwhelmed.

May we all take the time to ask ourselves, what is my heart’s desire? 

Am I living my life in balance?

What parts of my life are in need of more balance? 

Is it your personal relationship? Your family relationships? 

Is it your work life/career?

Is it your spiritual life, are you living in your true purpose? 

My true passion is to love and be of service to humanity in my lifetime…I wish to be of service. In whatever capacity that I may serve others, that is my calling. Whether it is by public speaking, by teaching someone how to move more efficiently as a Physical Therapist, by helping someone clear a past trauma as an energy healer, by teaching people how to become experts at self-healing or energizing, by simply appreciating a friend, or loving more fully myself and others. 

We are all here to share and shine to the fullest by sharing our many gifts.

I am so grateful for this day, I enjoyed so much being able to be of service today. Living in this way is truly a blessing.

What does Balance mean to you? What does Being a leader mean to you?  Love to hear what you think?