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My 2014 New Year's ReSOULution– a firm decision to do or not to do something.

I have had the opportunity of working for the past 18 years in the rehab, healing and wellness professions as a physical therapist, as a yoga teacher, and more recently in the past 4 years an energy healing practitioner who combines different science based and ancient wisdom approaches for my client’s healing and letting go of stress and whatever is keeping them from seeing how clear and powerful they are. I have witnessed miracles in the healing sessions. People release pain in the abdomen, low back or shoulders, that they had been holding for over 6 years, sometimes for more than 10 years! This year I am deciding more than ever with more desire than ever, to play BIG, to BE the greatest version of myself… to not shrink to fear, or doubt, judgement or insecurity- to the best of my ability, to realize that I AM the change I desire to see on this planet, and I am the only one that can make that happen, for ME. If I walk in this vibration, I know I am inspiring others and helping others more than any words that come out of my mouth. BEING THE CHANGE IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE as Gandhi taught us.

2014 I AM choosing to BE to the best of my abilities:
A BEing that focuses on solutions, a BEing that focuses on loving more and appreciating more. A BEing that sees every moment as a Divine and Sacred gift, a blessing. A BEing that balances between being a mother, a girlfriend, a business woman, an entrepreneur, a spiritual leader, a daughter, a sister, a woman who is not afraid to express her creative, sensual and spiritual essence and scientific smarts (all the while not taking it all too seriously)… 🙂

I make the decision, the intention that ONE person, ME, is powerful enough (just as EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US IS SO POWERFUL) to raise the vibration on our planet—> in the direction of MORE PEACE, MORE BALANCE, MORE FORGIVENESS, MORE COMPASSION and MORE HARMONY.

There is no more time to waste. I commit, I intend, I decide. I am so motivated, this is what my <3 desires.

Thank you God/Source for whispering this to the ears of my soul, to the beatings of my heart. I walk today and pray that I may have the courage EVERY DAY To BE light, to not play small, for this doesn’t serve anyone.

In a world where some of us are losing hope, where some of us are feeling lost, or lonely… may my thoughts and actions contribute in a helpful way to us all… including myself. We are all one! We are all so important and have the potential to create so much peace, joy and healing on our planet, NOW.

I write for you weekly on my blog and have contributed articles for you at MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and Mamiverse.
I make inspirational videos for you on You Tube and at The Masters Channel and I offer one-on-one integrative healing and clearing sessions where we can rebuild and renew… where we can purify and come back home inside to our authentic and powerful Wholeness.

Connect with me at any of the links below and together let’s make it an Awesome 2014!

Come and experience a healing lecture, workshop or one-on-one session with me where I work at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach.

Close your eyes, lay down and listen to one of my guided meditations designed to reprogram your cells to the highest frequency of love vibration-so that it’s easier for you to let go of whatever might be keeping you from feeling the innate joy and splendor that you are. LISTEN TO “OPEN YOUR HEART” Meditation HERE.

Join me at and receive a free guided meditation and e-book to de-stress in 2014!