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It's The End Of The World As We Know It… It's An Opportunity for a NEW BEGINNING…

Today is an auspicious day according to the Mayan calendar and as R.E.M. sang it, “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It!”

How healthy is this world anyway? Where Chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis – are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems in the U.S according to CDC?

Globally, every night, there are people going to sleep hungry and homeless, yet we have every means to afford each person a home and food????

I am so excited to welcome the death of the old world, and the birthing of a new way, but I am not waiting for tomorrow. I am beginning RIGHT NOW!


Here are my top 8 Recommendations for a new world, NOW!

1. Learn how to experience unconditional LOVE within.

Let go of all expectations and just LOVE! Know that you don’t need anyone or anything outside of you to make you happy. All the love you seek outside of you has always been inside of you, because every thing outside of us is just a projection of our inner state… so that means if you hate and judge, you will attract hate and judgement. If you love more and trust more, you will experience and magnetize more love and trust in your life! Try it!

2. Learn how to raise your own love hormone levels so you can automatically snap out of the illusion that you are anything but pure love and light.

I can teach you this! I literally teach workshops and lectures where I guide individuals on the different ways to stimulate the physiology of love. I am amazed at how healing and connecting these groups become after just 30-40minutes! We are experts at both creating stress in our lives, and also creating love and peace-if we just take the steps to activate and awaken our unlimited potential, and knowing the physiology of how to do this really helps! We can embrace science with spirituality for an even more effective experience of love!

3. Forgive To LIVE!

Make a list of all the people who have ever hurt you in the past. Decide right now to forgive each person. Know that each person came into your life as a gift, a blessing, to help you to grow and connect to parts of you that needed to heal and you don’t need to understand the why, just decide to let go of the past. Try to feel the pain and hurt, notice where in your body that resides. Breathe into that part and feel it expanding. Exhale, let it go. Decide to release whatever has been weighing you down. Make that choice for yourself. When you tell your body what to do, it responds right away. But really mean it in every molecule of your being. You might not really be ready, so don’t fake it! Be true to what you feel! Notice how yummy forgiveness feels. It is the ultimate letting go experience. Forgiveness takes courage and trust. You can do it! Download LET GO AND LOVE guided meditation Here to teach you how to experience inner freedom.

4. Learn how to experience more pleasure in your body and your life WITHOUT guilt and shame attached to it!

The greatest gift you can give your whole-being is to experience pleasure-(Defintion of pleasure is “a source of enjoyment or delight”) and by yourself is even more empowering! How do you experience pleasure in your life? And I don’t mean just sex! Do you feel delicious and juicy as you walk your body throughout your day? Do you know that you are a beautiful and divine creation that has a soul that pulsates and expresses an incredible creative force through your physical body? Do you realize how important and crucial your existence is to the collective whole? Just BEING you is reason enough to experience pleasure. Living with this mindset-enhancing your pleasure noticing abilities is very healing and energizing!

5. See everyone as whole and healthy. Beginning with you!

Our thoughts affect our reality. If we see ourselves as broken, negative and ugly, we are creating that immediately in our physical reality! See yourself as complete, you are always perfection… divine and whole! Let go of judgements, criticisms and analysis of yourself and others. When you see a weakness or shortcoming… seek a solution instead of hurting yourself with thoughts which bring you down. Uplift yourself with solutions. This helps yourself to grow and helps others to do the same. If you regress, don’t judge yourself about that. PROGRESS instead. Just as the snake crawls out of it’s old skin, allow yourself to crawl out of the old ways, bad habits, and look in front of you, keep moving forward. Trust and be open to new possibilities. Ask “What else is possible?” See the whole planet as healthy, balanced and thriving. Feel what that feels like… we are powerful co-creators for a healthier world!

6. Be honest and vulnerable. This opens us up for connection with ourselves and with others.

Many of us are suffering, many of us are scared of getting hurt, we close ourselves off of intimacy and vulnerability-revealing our deepest most truest emotions and feelings. This closes us off from being able to connect with someone on a deeper level. Yes, it is risky to walk with an open heart, but wow, what an amazing feeling to connect with another person in a very authentic and honest way. It is magic to reveal your true feelings to another person, without fear. It is so liberating.

I did this recently and the response was not mutual, yet I knew there was a reason for me to have to feel rejection. I know I am a precious and divine creation and whoever is not able to see this in me, is obviously not flowing with me. We can flow to the people in our lives where we feel harmony and lightness and seek new friendships that are uplifting and help us to grow. I am grateful for the relationships and experiences that felt heavy and draining because they are just as important in teaching me about myself, and what I desire to welcome into my life more.

So there is no need to block expressing ourselves, just do it and as long as it comes from a pure and sincere place, it will help to shape and unfold what is in your highest good! Trust nature, Source, God, your intuition, this force of creation that knows and flows within us all.

7. Eat healthy and natural food!

Nature is who and what we are! The food that is most natural and fresh feels most in alignment with our digestive system! Notice how much lighter, joyful and energized you feel from eating healthy and organic food! Food is medicine!


Incorporate at least one hour of physical activity daily! Walk more, dance more, exercise more! Make sure it is FUN!!!! Many of us today sit for 6-8 hours per day! If you do, try these exercises to de-stress and energize throughout your day!

Integrate these 8 recommendations into your life and let me know how they benefit you! Share them with a friend and comment down below!