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Love Your Body To The Max with Belly Dance!

If you sit in a chair for more than 6-8 hours a day, you reduce your life span by 33% according a recent report by the National Cancer Society.

According to a 2009 study published in Clinical Psychology Review, one out of every five individuals experience some form of sexual abuse. Too often we hold emotional and physical tension, pain and stress without knowing how to let go, heal and increase pleasure in our bodies.

When we move, our bodies are happiest and healthiest!

Daily exercise ensures optimal mental, emotional and physical health.  Belly Dance is a great way to have fun and exercise.

Side to side pelvic and hip movements lubricate your hip joints and the muscles around your hips to help stimulate bone density. These rhythmical movements stimulate circulation of your hip joints, lymph fluid, blood and energy meridians. Your abdominal corset, low back and pelvic floor muscles tone and strengthen when you belly dance. Stimulating this pleasure zone also enhances your libido!

The rhythmical nature of this dance stimulates oxytocin, the hormone of healing, calming, pleasure and love. Oxytocin stimulates the release of endorphins, our natural pain killers.

Women wanting to conceive, pregnant women and new mothers all need oxytocin for optimal health.  A woman that raises her oxytocin levels naturally will be at a more optimal state to conceive, deliver naturally, reduce pain, orgasm and breastfeed. Oxytocin enhances your mood and makes you feel that lovin’ feeling!

Individuals that experience chronic pain, stress and tension experience relief from a daily practice of gentle and nurturing hip slides.

This dance is unique because it is danced alone or in a group and helps you to re-connect to your sensuality and inner relationship.

Hip Slides:

1. Stand with your feet hip width apart.

Bring your shoulder blades down and back and lengthen your whole spine. Feel your connection to mother earth through your feet. Bend your knees slightly, keep your pelvis in a neutral posture throughout the exercise.

2. Slide your pelvis to the farthest right side.

Inhale deeply, exhale to gently move through your base of support as you slide your hips/pelvis to the farthest right side.  Notice how this movement feels. Do you feel tension or softness in your hips, pelvis and low back?

3. Slide your hips back to center.

Inhale to bring your hips/pelvis back to center. Notice how this movement feels.

4. Slide your hips to the farthest left side.

Inhale deeply, exhale and gently move through your base of support as you slide your hips/pelvis to the farthest left side.  Notice how this movement feels. Do you feel tension or softness in your hips, pelvis and low back? How does the left side feel compared to the right side? 

Bring awareness without judgement or criticism.  Notice how your pelvic floor, corset and hip muscles feel as you move.  Is there tension or pain when you move?

5.  Slide right to left and left to right 10 times consecutively.

Slide your hips and pelvis, side to side, in a rhythmical and gentle pattern. Make sure to keep your low back in a neutral posture with your body in a state of ease and lightness.  Close your eyes to deepen your awareness and awaken the experience of pleasure, peace and lightness in your body.

This is a gift that you give to yourself, a way of loving yourself and nurturing your inner and outer relationship.

6.  Gratitude Ritual.

Inhale a deep breath of gratitude for your body and who you are in the present moment.

Accept, love and appreciate yourself everyday with your nurturing moves. 

Allow your heart, hip and pelvic area to expand fully as you breath and dance.

Practice these movements daily while you are in the shower! You can also practice them while you are brushing your teeth and looking at yourself in the mirror! Notice how many different ways you can integrate hip slides into your every day activities! Have fun and nurture you!

The more you take time to love yourself, the happier and lighter you will feel and also attract people into your life that vibe at your same lightness and ease.

Let me know how these movements benefit you, share them with a friend (husbands and partners will enjoy watching you dance!)

Post your comments down below and suggest any other topics that you would like me to talk about!