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How To Know When It's Time To Let Go

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel weighed down or stuck without any way out?

Too often we become attached to people, places or things and have a hard time letting go. Sometimes we hold on even if we are no longer growing or feeling uplifted. Predictability makes us feel more calm and safe, however, nothing is really ever edged in stone.  We never really know what is going to happen in the future, we only know the NOW… the present moment, and it is filled with endless possibilities.

However, our nature is to be mysterious, spontaneous and in the moment. Every day we are shedding old skin cells and birthing new ones. Even though we don’t notice it, old cells are dying and new cells are being formed in every second.

The key is to be conscious and connect to our feelings which always know what is in harmony with out true heart’s desire or soul’s purpose.  We are all so valuable, and worthy of a life filled with peace, love and passion where we surround ourselves with peoples, places and things that uplift, nurture and re-charge our whole being.

There are 3 ways to gain clarity and new perspectives on whether you are holding on to some idea, a relationship, an object or belief that just doesn’t feel right for you. Then you can decide whether it’s time to move on or give it some space so that things can re-align and come back to where things feel light and right again for you.

How To Know When It’s Time To Let Go And Surrender:

1. If you feel stuck, stagnant, weighed down and drained.

Sit or lay in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Notice where in your body you feel stuck and weighed down sensations. Sense it, feel it, become aware of it and imagine it.  Allow it to be expressed and acknowledged.  The more we make time to witness the sensations and feel our bodies and sense our emotions, the more we are actually moving the energy of that stuckness and freeing ourselves. This exercise strengthens our inner connection which brings us clarity on what actions to take in our lives. Feeling IS healing.

2. If something is not in alignment with your “true heart’s desire.”

Does it feel right to continue with the way things have been? Notice what you sense, feel, imagine and become aware of. Notice what “feels right.” This exercise helps you to listen to that inner voice, your intuition, that knows what is always true to your heart’s desire and soul’s purpose. Too often we ask others for advice on what we “should” do. YOU are the only person that could ever know what is best for YOU. You are the most powerful influence in your life. You have the ability to create your life exactly as you desire. Ask yourself and allow the answers to be revealed at their own time.

3. If you doubt, over think or analyze.

If you find yourself questioning a relationship, friendship or something in your life, it is a signal that something is just not right for you. We create stories and perceptions in our minds that pull us away from being in the moment. This leads to more confusion. Use this awareness as an opportunity to go deeper with your own relationship with yourself. There is something that is not “vibing” with you that is causing you to question things or people.

Someone once told me “Confusion arises when you know the answer but ignore it.” This back and forth analysis drains you and pulls you away from enjoying the moment. A signal that things are meant to be are when things just flow and seem effortless. Practice BEing in the moment. When you focus your mind on being present, everything flows. Some of us think too much about what is the right thing to do, when in reality, our feelings, our heart’s desire already knows with much more clarity what is for our highest good.

Take a look at these three perspectives and make your assessment of if it is time for you to let go of something, an old belief or a relationship that you have outgrown. Sometimes we just need to take some time off and be alone with ourselves to see things from a different perspective.

Meditate, pray, do something that allows you to be fully present in the moment such as a creative activity or hobby-get out of your head and into your heart’s desire. Remember that everything is possible. Sometimes we just need to create space for new things to come forth and work themselves out.

Know that the universe is a kind universe that is always bringing you everything for your highest good and all those involved.  Be honest with yourself! Trust and accept your feelings and you will experience a renewed sense of peace and surrender.