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How To Get Clear and Manifest Your Goals in 3 Easy Steps

We are powerful attractors, magnets, for what we are.

When we align with our hearts desire’s and our soul’s purpose of why we are here, we attract even more easily what we wish to create.

The key is to get really clear on our inner connection, the connection to our heart, breath and soul.

STEP 1: CLICK HERE to align quickly and easily to who you truly are, your authentic self via Fulfillment breathing. This technique causes a major shift in just a few minutes.

STEP 2: After you have done the full Step 1 exercise, ask the question, “What do I wish to create this upcoming year?” What do I wish to manifest and bring into my life this coming year?” Allow time to pass as you keep breathing in the Open and Receptive Posture of Step 1. Notice what thoughts and images arise.

Step 3: Now Feel As Though It is already the End of 2016. Ask Yourself, “how do I feel having accomplished these goals?” Feel as though all of your goals in Step 2 have already been accomplished. You can even record how enthusiastic and grateful you are that you already achieved those goals into your voice memo in your phone. I do this and I talk about how awesome it feels to have already created and attracted this into my life, the FEELING AS THOUGH IT ALREADY HAPPENED is what our goal is to embody in this Step. We attract what we are, so if you already achieved that goal in your mind and body, then you will attract that more easily into your life. This is how the laws of the universe work. It is our feeling about it, as if we already were there, that causes the wheels to start turning in your favor. The key is to allow the Divine Plan to take over, you put the order in, you own the feeling, and then LET GO… act as though it already is working in your favor and you don’t have to do a lot of work with your thoughts about it any more. And remember that feeling daily, effortless effort, it should feel pleasurable and be excited of the unknown, be enthusiastic of the endless possibilities. Stay curious and open to what arises and trust that our Creator is working in your favor, as it might look different that what you envisioned and that is ok!

Let me know how this simple 3 step process benefits you! Share with your friends and comment down below!Michelle Alva Yoga Miami