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How Nature Heals and Inspires Us. Thank you Mother Earth!



Reflections on How Nature Heals and Inspires by Michelle Alva

For the first time in my life, I have been more consistently LIVING the experience of ALIVE. I notice when I am thinking too much I am missing out on the beauty of what is right in front of me and all around me. I catch myself when I am getting trapped in my judgements, my criticisms, my unmet expectations of myself or of others.

I have been telling myself, “you are not your thoughts, you are the observer of your thoughts.” This has helped me greatly to flow my emotions and release the trap of ruminating in my head or bringing up past memories that pull me away from the present moment.

Love Beach Nature Crandon Park Key Biscayne

Today, I went to the beach after dropping off my daughter off at school. I drove to the North Beach park of Crandon Park in Key Biscayne. I took my roses and felt I wanted to create something with the beautiful petals that were falling off the dead roses. Roses merging with sand, what a new experience, two different textures meeting each other, I was curious to see what would come from this.

I laid them down in the shape of the word “LOVE” and took some pictures.

Love is All You Need

I then was guided to take a few other pictures which I share with you below…

Then I felt it was time to turn off the camera and merge with the ocean.

Crandon Park Key Biscayne

I walked slowly into the water, and I allowed the waves to greet my body, with slow and rhythmical tides brushing against my legs, and then my pelvis, and lastly up to my chest. I stood there and felt the soft muddy sand with the seaweed underneath my feet. What a pleasurable sensation, smooth and slimy, all beneath my feet. How nature brings us the opportunity to feel on so many levels!

The waves challenged me to maintain my center, my balance, and to stay grounded. I saw fishes jump out of the water suddenly as if to greet me and thanking me for visiting them.

The sunlight’s warmed my face and created a magical sparkle and glistening atop the beautiful ocean waves. I felt so welcomed and so loved. I felt the sun, the water, the sand and the soft breeze nurturing my body and invoking a peaceful energy in all my body cells.

I felt the healing effects of nature in that moment, for we all had merged as one beautiful experience of nature.

I realize we are nature, we are making carbon dioxide for all these beautiful trees along the beach. The green algae, the trees, and the blades of seagrass are all making us oxygen so that we can breathe and live!

How sacred, how beautiful and how enlivening for the senses is NATURE and our body temples, our nature driven bodies are also a reflection of that beauty and splendor that we see all around us!

Abundance is Our Nature

I felt a release of emotions in my heart from my chest being massaged by the water. A burst of tears came out of my eyes, tears of overwhelming joy that I felt, from having made the time to come and visit this beautiful park… for it helped me to connect and visit Home, that resides within me.

It feels so good to Be content simply BEING with myself. To simply BE and outside in nature IS such a gift. My body too felt more alive, softer, revitalized and a little more tan too. Thank you Nature!!!

The beautiful outdoors help us to ground, feed and nourish our whole being.

Take a walk, go for a swim, make time to smell the roses and FEEL nature. I hope this article inspires you to go outside!

Nature is always ready and willing to nurture and revitalize you, it’s just a choice away.

How does nature heal and inspire you? Comment down below and share this article with a friend! Sign up to receive updates on my blog and newsletter below!