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Do You Get Easily Triggered? 6 Ways To Transform Emotional Stress

Do you get easily triggered? Are there certain people you avoid? Or do things people say cause you to feel uncomfortable or tense in your body?

Let’s dig deeper to the root cause of your “triggers”. By definition, a trigger is something that reminds you of something bad or hurtful from your past. It ‘triggers’ an association or memory in your brain. 

We all possess many different triggers because we all have experienced certain traumas and hurts in our childhood. When we are triggered, it is because our bodies are actually wanting to heal and release our past. Many times we hold childhood traumas without being conscious of it and this effects our whole entire lives!

Instead of pointing the finger at others (which stunts our growth), we can feel grateful for being triggered by others. We can see every trigger as an opportunity to release, heal and process old stuck emotions in our body tissues. Are we ready to release the weight of our past emotions such as judgement, hurt and criticism that we are carrying?

One of my clients was raped, which caused her to dissociate from her body for many years. She was easily triggered by touch and because of this she avoided close physical contact for many years. She became a very controlling and unhappy woman who expected a lot from people and especially was very hard on herself. Being close and intimate would bring up the triggers of the past, and therefore it was very difficult for her to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling romantic partnership.

Life brought her experiences that caused her to have to go deeply within and face her unprocessed traumas. Once she sat with the pain of her childhood, she could see how she had avoided deep intimate relationships for fear of being hurt again. 

The past twenty years of offering holistic healing services that unite and integrate our whole being have taught me how we hold our emotions, our “issues in our tissues”. Our bodies contract when we experience a stress or trauma.

My own first sexual experience was a very traumatic experience for me. I did nothing to resist him… I was so scared that I froze. This caused me to feel disappointed with myself, so ashamed and dirty. This self-hatred I held on to for many years, without even realizing how it weighed my self-esteem and effected my ability to receive love.

Fortunately for me, I received trauma therapy and learned practices like PSYCH-K®, Yoga, Energy Healing and Emotional Release techniques. My past and the work I have experienced with my clients has inspired me to create easy and practical solutions for us to heal and embrace our past. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE JUMPSTART EMOTIONAL WEIGHT LOSSS PROGRAM.

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Our nature is to heal, connect, love and expand. We all can release and transform our past and live fully expanded in our hearts, light and full of vibrancy.

Here are some easy and effective ways to release the weight of our past, and process our trapped emotions so we may flow with ease and grace throughout our daily life.

1.The next time you meet someone or speak with someone you feel triggered by, know that it is a blessing and an opportunity to process old stuff in our tissues and free ourselves of our past. Ask yourself these questions to get the emotional release wheels turning:

How do I feel right now? Where in my body do I feel the trigger? Close your eyes and scan your body. Notice for areas that feel tight or heavy, contracted and maybe even painful.

What is it about this person that I have difficulty accepting? What bothers me about this person?

Have I ever done a similar thing as this person has, that right now I am having a hard time accepting? (Hint: if you accept that you have it will be much easier to experience compassion and acceptance.)

Am I willing to invite compassion and acceptance for this person and whatever they have done?

Am I willing to invite compassion and acceptance for my self and for judging this person?

2. Take a moment to reflect on what sensations arise from those questions. Take a deep diaphragmatic breath in through the nose and exhale the sound Ahhh. Feel a release of sound and breath as you let go of the weight of those past judgements, criticisms and analysis of yourself and the other person. Notice how this simple breathing technique calms your whole system.

3. Ask “Am I willing to invite living simply observing and accepting everything and everyone in my life, including myself?”

Lots of times, the “traumas” happen because we actually judge the experience as shameful or traumatic. We can actually simply experience life without any judgement. We can observe the moments in our lives as a video camera, without any comments in our mind. When we do this, life becomes a meditation in motion, we get to experience living soul-connected. Our soul doesn’t judge, analyze or criticize. Our soul simply watches and observes and IS love and acceptance. It is our mind, our ego, our thoughts that create the separation.

4. Feel now that we are all simply reflections of one another. We are magnets and we attract what we are. This is law.

So if there is an unprocessed wound, you will attract the perfect person into your life with a similar wound to trigger you and remind you of what has been ruminating inside you.

5. See everyone as a blessing in your life and be there for yourself, ready to feel and allow whatever uncomfortable emotions to surface and flow.

When we do this instead of avoiding or becoming addicted to mind-altering substances or engaging in distracting practices (like obsessing with too much work, exercise, porn or sex) we heal.

6. How would you like to feel? What and who would you like to attract into your life? Notice what answers arise and visualize as though what you wish to attract has already arrived. This is how we create a new, while also shift and release the triggers of our past.

Emotional Release Bodywork with Sound Therapy teaches you how to easily and effectively transform and heal from Emotional Traumas and Trapped Emotions. PSCYH-K® is a powerful mind-set change process that reinforces new beliefs so we may live lighter, freer and more connected to our heart and soul’s joy! Email me at to learn more and schedule a private session long distance or locally in South Florida.

Let me know how these exercises benefit you, comment down below and share this with a friend.

Remember, we are healing all the time and the more we love, the more we also release and heal. Listen HERE to this Free Audio to awaken and strengthen our self-healing abilities.