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Do You Feel Stuck? 3 Ways To Increase Your Flow


Weighed down












Are you living in the flow or does that word, FLOW, seem foreign to you?

How well are you at coping with your pain and suffering? Do you feel you are in a chronic state of fear and worry?

Many of my clients experience a chronic state of stress, pain, fear, tension-that is caused by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reasons.

It is our nature to FLOW, to move, to die, to re-birth and to experience a whole spectrum of emotions, thoughts and sensations throughout our day.

What hurts us is when we stagnate ourselves, when we resist our true nature, which is to flow our feelings, and express them.

A cup or pond of water stagnates and collects dust when it simply sits there. Water is meant to flow. Just take a look at how alive and full of flow a river, waterfall and the ocean waves appear-so powerful, so animated, so alive!

Our bodies are made up mostly of  water. And our cells are constantly moving-vibrating as waves and particles. It is our inherent nature to move and flow physically, mentally and emotionally.

Too often we are too busy to rinse and flush out our stressful thoughts, beliefs and/or emotions, and we cause our body-mind to stagnate and decrease our natural flow.

The word suffering is sometimes used in the narrow sense of physical pain, but more often it refers to mental or emotional pain, or more often yet to pain in the broad sense, i.e. to any unpleasant feeling, emotion or sensation. The word pain usually refers to physical pain, but it is also a common synonym of suffering. The words pain and suffering are often used both together in different ways.

TODAY: Ask yourself, am I holding on to any past pain, suffering, beliefs, thoughts, or emotions?

Are they weighing me down or stagnating me?

Notice what sensations arise for you.


3 Ways To Increase Your Flow:

1. Awareness: Notice your bodily sensations throughout the day. This brings you to the experience of the present moment. Notice yourself through your five senses. Try this without any judgement, criticism or expectations. Take a SENSING Break, it will help you to clear your mind of any stressful thoughts. Awareness heals us and it also teaches us how to be “the witness” instead of a reactor.


2. Breathe: Diaphragmatic Breathing or belly breathing stimulates our relaxation response. This muscle helps us to process and release stored emotions and physical bodily tensions.

Get in a comfortable posture with your spine aligned in neutral. Inhale deeply allowing your abdomen, rib cage, and chest to expand fully. Exhale passively with a letting go sound. Try this throughout your day from the moment you wake up while still laying in your bed, while sitting at your desk, driving, and sitting on the toilet! Integrate deep diaphragmatic breaths and notice how your day changes, how your FLOW increases.

3. Move: Move your body rhythmically throughout the day. Activities such as running, walking, making love, dancing, and any repetitive movement exercise that brings you pleasure is ideal!

In The Flow









Move in ways that bring you passion and joy, don’t make exercise “work” or boring. This is not healthy for your soul and creativity.

Try at least 30 minutes of movement daily and notice how your FLOW increases.

Try these simple tips and let me know how they help you. Oh, and also remember to go with the FLOW… surrender more and allow things to flow into your life, sometimes we are so stressed we think life is meant to be forced, complicated or a struggle. Ahhhh, let go and notice how release of control actually paves the road to things falling into place for your highest good and also with more ease. Trust that this universe is truly magnificent at bringing you always what is for your highest good. Most of all, be patient and optimistic.