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5 Ways To Re-Ignite Your Spark And Create Fireworks In Your Relationship

How big is the flame of romance in your relationship?

Do you feel a strong sense of emotional connection, excitement, mystery and pleasure with your partner or has your spark fizzled out?











Ask yourself this question to see if your spark needs to be re-ignited. Be honest with your answer:

Where, On a scale of zero to ten, would you rank the amount of passion, romance and pleasure you experience on a day to day basis with your partner?

Ten on the scale means “I feel completely fulfilled and grateful in my relationship. We flirt with each other and engage in daily activities that deepen our connection and strengthen our connection. We nurture each other and this brings us both a sense of inner joy and renewal to our relationship. Zero on the scale means, “We hardly spend any quality time together, I feel as though we are room mates instead of soul mates. There is no flame of passion, we hardly ever touch each other and I can’t even remember the last time we had sex. There is no romance and I feel emotionally disconnected from my partner.”

When we feel relaxed, calm and balanced in our relationship with ourselves, love, romance and everything in our lives flows much easier.

Today more than ever, our relationships are being challenged due to the different stresses that modern life brings. Our racing thoughts and busy schedules distract us from being present with our partner. Let’s be pro-active and light up our flame today to live a life filled with more pleasure, joy and bliss.

Try these 5 Tips To Rekindle Your Romance!

1. Be honest with yourself and your partner.

Awareness is the first step for change and re-igniting passion. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge that your romantic life may be in need of spicing up. Share your feelings with your partner and your desire to rekindle the fireworks between you.  See this as an OPPORTUNITY and a blessing! This opens up the channels of intimacy and creates instant re-connection with your partner. Sharing how you feel is a sign that you care and are open and willing to grow and transform together! Expect the best!

2. See each moment as if it were your first moment together.

















Too often couples tend to habituate to each other and take each other for granted. After the 75th date, we might feel less mystery and excitement with our mate. Some of us might live the same routine every day, which may cause us to feel stagnated or on auto-pilot. Choose to see every experience with a sense of excitement. Being in the present moment without bringing in any stories of your past or expectations is a great way to experience the joy of your mate. It is very helpful to let go of any resentment, criticisms or judgements about your partner or your relationship to ensure you feel a sense of freshness between you. We become creative and get inspired to try new ways when we see our mate as they are in the present moment. Be open to discovering and creating new ways to create more romance in your relationship. Lower your inhibitions and have fun!

3. Discover new ways to pleasure each other. Keep it sexy and mysterious!

True intimacy arises when an individual reveals their vulnerable side and deepest feelings. In order for this to occur, both individuals must feel safe, honest and trust each other. When couples practice different ways to bring a sense of pleasure and nurturing to each other’s sex life and bodies, they strengthen their connection on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

Try any one of these re-kindling activities:

-Couples massage while blindfolded. Stroke each other with coconut oil. Use long and slow strokes over the body and as you move your hands think about how much you love and appreciate your partner. A touch of love is priceless. Feel instant connection with this simple technique!

-Bathe each other slowly while in the shower. Use a natural sponge with lots of aromatic soap. Turn the lights off to add a sense of mystery to the experience.

-Play sensual music and make love by candlelight and with aromatherapy such as Sandalwood, Jasmine, Lavender, or Vanilla to help lower inhibitions and relax both of you.

-Feed each other fresh fruits such as berries while blindfolded. Chocolate dipped strawberries are delicious.

Couples can practice different ways to be vulnerable and open to one another with activities such as stroking each other with a feather or other soft and warm texture (such as your tongue) all over your partner’s body slowly and sensually without talking-communicating with light touch is a very relaxing and energizing activity. Make love without any expectations, allow your love dance to be spontaneous and unplanned. Make love in different parts of your home, be creative!

Let go of thinking while making love and allow your animal instinct to take over. Men love it when women express their pleasure without holding back. Be open to new ways of experiencing and expressing the pleasure and joy that love-making brings.

4. Schedule hot dates where you both can enjoy each other!


Plan a fun night at a place you have never been to before, try a new restaurant or a dance class depending on you and your partner’s interests! A great resource for couples is Cupid Dates®, a service which plans romantic date-nights for existing couples. Turn to them to Date your Mate for special occasions that are designed exclusively for you & your sweetheart with memories to last a lifetime. Make sure to enjoy, play and have lots of FUN!


Feeling grateful and accepting of who we are and loving ourselves and our partners is key to re-igniting passion, joy and romance in your relationship. The beauty of being in a relationship is that you get to experience your reflection! Our partners serve as mirrors that help us to see ourselves more clearly. Therefore, instead of complaining that your spouse is not romantic enough, make an effort to get more romantic with yourself! If your partner doesn’t make you feel sexy, make yourself feel sexy by loving your body more such as giving your body a salt scrub, getting a massage, or wearing sexy lingerie. Exercise on a regular basis and eat a healthy diet to ensure you are feeling joyful towards yourself. The more you feed your body-mind with healthy habits, the easier it becomes to experience romance, passion and pleasure with your partner!

Remind yourself throughout the day, how blessed and grateful you feel for having met someone as special as your partner and celebrate them with a caring gesture, a smile, a hug, sending them a cute message of how much they are appreciated. Don’t wait for special holidays to express your gratitude. Make everyday feel like a holiday with your beloved!

Try these 5 tips to create your own fireworks show with your partner!