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5 Yoga Moves to Nurture Our Heart and Breast Health

Nurture Our Breasts, Heart, Lungs and Lymph Yoga Series


by Michelle Alva, Holistic Physical Therapist, Intuitive Healer and Yoga Therapist

The experience of combined breathing exercises, yoga asanas, conscious rhythmical movements, and meditation facilitates in you the feeling of your whole-integrated human being.  We learn how to quiet and calm the mind and body through these exercises which eventually leads to an even deeper and fuller experience of our true Divine Nature that is always whole and complete. Healing is most efficient when we are present and connected to our authentic self.

The following exercises are opportunities to connect to your multi-dimensional Human Being while also enhancing your body-mind-spirit connection, especially to improve the flexibility, circulation, awareness, healing, and overall health to your chest, heart, lungs and lymph. Bring a loving intention to nurture, heal and honor your body, mind and spirit when trying the exercises below.

1. Breath IN Life To The Fullest.


Bring your arms out like a T, your feet together, knees apart. Breathe IN gratitude for BEing alive while noticing every part of your whole-integrated being with a sense of gratitude and amazement for the mystery that you are. Notice the breath that enlivens you and remind yourself how all that is green in nature creates oxygen and life force. Feel grateful for the beautiful harmony between you and mother earth.  Breathe IN life to the fullest every morning and give lovingly back your exhalation to enliven nature. Notice your bodily sensations as you connect to your nature. Breathe in Divine Love as you fill your heart and every cell of your body with a loving intention to nurture your whole-being through the following exercises.

LISTEN TO THIS GUIDED Meditation to Activate Your Innate Resources To Self-Heal and Energize HERE.

2. Rhythmical Chest Waves with a Smile.


Inhale to arch your head, neck, and upper spine while raising upwards your chest. Press your elbows and forearms downwards along your sides to allow your chest to rise up even more.  Bring your shoulder blades down and backwards.  Smile-feel grateful for your expansive heart!  Exhale bringing your low back down returning the spine and head back to neutral. Inhale to arch your upper body, exhale to lower your body back down to supine. Continue to create at least 10 rhythmical waves of inhale/exhale.

3. Shoulder rolls backwards with rhythmical arm movements.


Inhale to move your right shoulder up, back, down and then forward. Alternate with the opposite arm and movement. Roll one shoulder backwards at a time and notice how this rhythmical movement helps you to relax your shoulder and neck musles, and loosen up your rib cage and chest.

4. Side bend expansion with lengthening.

Breathe IN to move your spine laterally and away from one side with your legs placed as wide apart as possible. Reach your arm upwards and laterally-lengthening as much as comfortably possible while keeping your shoulder blades down and backwards.  Exhale to move back to center. Inhale to laterally bend, exhale to return to center for 10 breaths.

5. Proud Walking with an Open  Heart.

You are a gift to the world when you are present and authentically you. Stand up and feel grateful for who you are, allow yourself to walk with your heart open and completely present. Experience the “feeling” of your conscious walk as you move around the room. This exercise is extra fun when you are carrying a 8-9 foot long veil behind you with your arms wide open as in the photo above left.

Try these exercises daily and notice how they benefit you. Comment down below and share this article with a friend!