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5 Ways To Empower Yourself

Empower Yourself Know Yourself Michelle Alva

The word EMPOWER means to promote the self-actualization or influence of.  The topic of self-empowerment offers many solutions to the problems our society faces today. When we feel empowered we are able to accomplish our goals. The feeling of empowerment comes from feeling wholly connected to our authentic self.

Gaining an awareness of how to empower yourself helps you to feel more balanced, healthy and powerful!

Try these 5 easy tips on how to empower yourself:

1. Know Yourself and Believe In Yourself. 

Know that you are amazing just because you are yoU. Know that you don’t have to “become” anything or anyone to be “better.” Every human being and living creature is sacred and special. Living from a place of seeing everyone and everything as holy and sacred brings a sense of magic and enrichment to your everyday life.

2. Be Authentic. Speak your truth.

Be honest and act upon what feels most truthful for you. When we act upon what feels true for us, we strengthen trust within and become better able to trust others. How do you connect to your authentic and honest self? One easy way is to practice deep diaphragmatic breathing, a form of meditation. Meditation is a one pointed focus activity that brings us into the present moment awareness. Learning how to breathe with your diaphragm calms your nervous system and reduces the mental chatter. This practice facilitates mental clarity so we may access our intuition and higher knowing, our spirit and true essence. This new space of awareness brings us new ideas and ways of solving problems from a new found perspective.

3. “Be clear of your highest values” states Michael Rosenfeld, Business Coach and Founder of True Success Coaching.

He states that “we feel our most powerful when we are aligned with our values and act upon them. Your values represent who you are and choosing to embody them allows you to step into your greatness.” Michelle Villobos, sales and marketing maven has compiled a list of personal values HERE . Identify your top 5 values from this list to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

4. Know that you have free will and the right to choose.

What is it that you truly desire? What do you want out of your life? The choices that we make in every moment either empower us or dis-empower us, they strengthen us or weaken us. Chad Weller, Super athlete recently completed a 100K Marathon in Thailand in 13 hours! He embodies the word Empowerment!

Create a clear vision of what you desire. Create goals to accomplish your vision and give yourself a deadline. As Jennifer Pansa says-“See the Opportunity!! In every moment we have the choice to see either side of the coin. Choose to see the opportunity in every moment and live limitless.”

5. Take action steps to learn that which you desire. Then… Just Do IT!

Enhance your skills in an area of weakness of where you desire to strengthen your skills to gain confidence. Seeing yourself as able to accomplish new things makes you feel stronger!

Take action steps in the direction of your desired goal and accomplish them, make sure the steps to get their are achievable so that you are successful!

Let me know how these tips empower your life! Comment down below and share them with a friend!