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4 Ways To Release Negative Energy and Transform To LOVE!


Negative Emotions

Do you ever feel as though you are being drained or weighed down by certain people or situations in your life? Did you know that we all are actually the ones who are creating and magnetizing those people and situations into our lives largely influenced by our sub-conscious thoughts, emotions and beliefs?

We each emit a certain frequency or vibration of energy and this serves as a magnet bringing to us people and situations. We can look at the weighed down and “negative” as a catalyst to help us strengthen our ability to to heal, grow, learn something about ourselves and transform to a higher vibration that is our nature!

Choose to perceive things in a way that uplifts and heals you instead of weighing you down. Perceive negative as “opportunity to return to love.” It is the mental PERCEPTION of energy as being negative that affects us in a negative or hurtful way.

4 Ways To Release Negative Energy and Transform To LOVE:

1. See every person and situation as “positive”, as a blessing, get excited about every moment, even if it is painful. Let go of expectations. That’s right! When we stay in a vibration of acceptance, trust, and simply allow each moment to “happen” without judgement or criticism, we flow and feel without any resistance. This allows everything to simply BE and this feels much lighter, just like love feels. When we judge, criticize or analyze the moment as it happens, we lose our ability to be present and flowing. We create resistance to the moment. This blocks our flow and makes us feel more stressed, instead of feeling calm and flowing with what is.

2. Create an intention that uplifts and inspires you aligned with your true heart’s desire. You are such a powerful manifestor. You are thinking thoughts throughout your day anyway, so you may as well align with thoughts that lead you to what you truly desire. Spend time asking yourself, “What is my true heart’s desire? What do I truly wish to manifest in this situation?” Place your hand over your heart and feel yourself breathing deeply into your heart space. Ask the question. Wait for the answers. If there is not answer, it may not be time to know the answer. The more you ask questions, the more opportunity for you to receive the messages from the stirrings of your heart. Practice and soon you will hear louder the voice of your intuition, that emits from a strong connection to your physical and emotional heart center. An intention may be for you, “I AM LOVE.” ” I AM PATIENT.” “Optimal Love.” Optimal Patience.” Feel the intention and you say it. This is vital for it to reach your sub-conscious mind.

3. Learn to “feel yourself as if you were a waterfall.” Experience your emotional and energetic flow with diaphragmatic breathing. Inhale what ever it is that you perceive as negative. Exhale whatever it is that you perceive as negative. Allow it all to pass through you. Many times we hold on to stress, anger, shame, guilt, and fear, for example. When we practice flowing all our emotions, we feel lighter. It is our nature to flow, just like the river flows. Since we ARE nature, when we align to what we are, which is flow, we feel more at peace, at home, inside. When we HOLD ON to stress, thoughts and emotions, we feel blocked and stagnated. Instead of avoiding feeling scared, feel scared, and allow yourself to feel comfortable with your uncomfortable feelings of fear/feeling scared. Allow it all to pass through you as it is designed to. Instead of repressing and blocking feelings, FEEL, and the feelings will flow and release much easier.

4. Practice the Ho’oponopono Prayer.

Repeat these four statements that emit a healing frequency and raise your vibration.

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank You. Listen to a beautiful track called THANK YOU by Sound Healer David Jesse Kennet HERE.

I place my hand over my heart and feel the words in my whole being and this helps me greatly! Try it!

Try these simple tips throughout your day ! Let me know how they help you and and share with us how YOU release and transform negative energy or low vibrations by commenting down below.

Share this article with a friend and spread the LOVE! When we feel flow and feel more love!

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Release Negative Energy

How To Release Negative Energy

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