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3 Ways To Clear Your Fear

Fear is useful when we are faced in a truly dangerous situation. It helps us to move ourselves quickly towards a place of safety.

However, we often walk around in fear without even realizing it, because of things that happened in our lives in the past.

Fearful thoughts lead to tense muscles, poor digestion and a decreased ability to focus and connect.  We more easily perceive pain, stress and fatigue with chronic fear.

Empower yourself with these easy techniques to help you clear your mind of fear and stress.

The exercises below are designed to help you release pent up fears that have been stored in your body for years.

3 Tips on How to Clear the Fear

1. Become aware of fearful thoughts.

What you are fearful about? Do you feel you are in any danger?  Are you in any pain or do you feel threatened by anyone or any circumstance in your life?

2. Become aware of where you hold fear in your body.

Lay down on your back in a comfortable position.  Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through the nose.  Allow your breath to help you gain awareness of how your body feels.  When you inhale your body feels more expansion.  Allow this expanded awareness to be felt as you scan your body. What body parts hold tension and fear?

Notice the body parts that hold the most tension and/or pain. Breathe awareness and notice even more these tense parts. Your body relaxes and releases stored up tension from the past when you notice where you hold tension. Years of accumulated tension can move with more ease when you notice how you feel. Practice Clearing the Fear by listening to a 12-minute guided meditation called CLEAR THE FEAR.

3.  What is the opposite of fear for you?

Is there a word, color or image that symbolizes the opposite of fear? What does the opposite of fear feel like?  If you did not have fear RIGHT NOW, how would you feel?
Imagine it and breathe in the color, sound, image and/or word that symbolizes the opposite of fear into your body.

Allow thoughts and feelings of trust, love, peace and safety enter into your body-mind through your nose as you take a deep inhalation.

Where there is love, there can be no fear. 

Where there is peace, there can be no doubt. 

Coat every cell of your whole-being and every DNA molecule with this color.

Fake it till you make it! Your mind does not know the difference!

Fill yourself up with love and trust that everything is always unfolding for your highest good. 

The more you trust, the less you fear!

Try these exercises daily and let me know how they help you!

Write a comment down below and share these tips with a friend so that together we may all reach a new level of trust and feeling safe in our lives.


You are a powerful creator of your most amazing life.