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3 Tips On How and Why To Love More.

Did you know the word “Love” is one of the most searched words on Google?

We all desire to be acknowledged, accepted, respected, admired and most of all loved.

Everyone wants it, yet some of us don’t know how to receive it, give it or get more of it. Our bodies are perfectly designed to produce love hormone. This neuro-hormone is called Oxytocin. Our bodies need it to grow, connect, focus, calm and heal. It is because of Oxytocin that humans are able to birth naturally, breastfeed, experience love and pleasure, gaze at one another, hug and orgasm.

We need love hormone to grow and heal. Babies that are deprived of love die.  Love hormone causes us to deeply relax, feel energized and boost our immune system. Love is the most powerful anti-aging drug! Have you ever seen a person “in love” stressed out or tired?

The key to experiencing more love is to first discover it within ourselves.

Are you “in Love” with your whole being? Do you love all the parts of you ? The more you acknowledge, accept, respect, and admire your whole self, the more you automatically will be able to receive and exchange that love with someone else! We all emit a certain love vibration, and some of us a more powerful frequency than others. We attract exactly what we put out and it is a result of what we experience inside.

Below are some tips on how to raise your love hormone naturally throughout your day! Try these tips and notice how you feel and the people around you! Watch what magic you create with this powerful drug! Comment down below or post on my Facebook Page.

3 Tips on How To Raise Your Love Hormone Levels Naturally Throughout The Day:

1. Breathe In Love from the moment you first wake up in the morning.

Ask yourself what color the word and feeling of love feels like for you. Visualize the color of love and inhale deeply the color of love into every cell of your being.  Inhale using your diaphragm and fill yourself up with the energy and color of love. Notice how the feeling of loving and nurturing breaths make you feel. Think and feel about what you love most about yourself and also tell yourself that you love and accept the not so loving parts. If you need help feeling more love, think about the people in your life who you love and appreciate the most in your life.

Listen to Breathe In Love HERE, a guided meditation that opens and heals your heart, it also teaches us how to forgive, especially after a break up, divorce, separation or death.

After all, the love we experience with someone else, is always a reflection of the love we experience within. Forgive more and open your heart to love more with this meditation and see what magic arises in your life!

2.  Make Eye Contact To Expand The Love.

According to Dr. Michel Odent, the highest recorded levels of love hormone human beings can experience are between a mother and her baby, within the first hour after a natural birth. The mother and baby gaze at one another and this sets up the brain for connection and a cocktail of other hormones are stimulated to promote optimal health and survival.

Chronic stress lowers our ability to gaze intently at one another and connect with others.

Make a conscious decision today to look into people’s eyes and smile at them as much as possible throughout the day-make sure this is authentic for you. Did you know your thoughts and actions affect everyone on this planet? Why not infuse the world with more eye gazing love?





3. Loving Touch: Handshakes from the heart, heart hugs and group hugs!

According to Virginia Satir, a respected family therapist, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”

Hugs are a great way to stimulate oxytocin. We have skin receptors on our chest and abdomen that when stimulated by touch and pressure, signals our bodies to produce more love hormone! This means front of the body to front of the body hugs are best! Skin to skin is ideal of course! Add to that conscious breathing in love and WOW! You will instantly feel the power of love!

If you don’t have a partner, practice giving yourself a hug and think about how grateful you are for Being You! Complete and full self-acceptance and love are powerful tools to heal and feel more energized!








Form a group hug today and see what magic you can create! Add these 3 easy tips to your every day and notice how your love life changes, not to mention your love hormone levels!

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