Make Time For YoU: Top 5 Benefits Of Going On A Retreat This Summer

 Alone time is sacred









Do you make time in your life to experience the benefits of BEing in solitude ? A healthy self-relationship enables us to have healthy relationships with others.

Activities such as a walk in nature, prayer, exercise, meditation, drawing, writing, painting, or playing an instrument are beautiful ways to deepen our self-awareness, creativity and can be done alone.

There is something very sacred when we commune with ourselves, it enables us to hear and feel more clearly our true heart’s desire and our soul’s yearning.

Retreats are a beautiful way to leave what is known, your home, your city and to take yourself to a new place, to gain a new perspective and self-experience.

Do you feel comfortable leaving your loved ones to be with yourself, all to yourself?

There are so many different types of retreats, one for every different type of person, from yoga, meditation and spiritual retreats to silent structured and unstructured retreats.

Did you know that the more you make time to prioritize self-love and self-nurturing practices into your life, the more EVERYONE benefits in your life?

Five benefits of going on retreats:

1. Connect to nature.

Places such as Pura Vida Spa and Retreat Center in Costa Rica are powerful settings for profound healing, deep relaxation and transformation, where one can experience themselves away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life stresses. Sitting, walking and hiking in nature all bring about a sacred opportunity for one to rekindle our inner connection. Swimming at the base of a natural waterfall and river bring us back to our truest nature and flow.

2. Unplug from your every day routine to plug in.

Retreats take us away from the usual distractions such as cell phones, computers, work and family. Letting go of distractions, gives us a whole new perspective where we may reflect on how we are living our lives and what is truly our heart’s desires.¬†










3. Nurture, pamper and love yourself.

Since you are the focus of your retreat, it is a great opportunity for you to strengthen the relationship with your body, mind, spirit. A retreat gives you time to harmonize and balance all the aspects of your whole human being. You can enjoy a massage, a yoga class, and quiet night’s rest in nature. You get to nurture yourself in which ever way feels right for you. There is no obligation or expectation from anyone, except yourself that is. Sometimes we feel guilty or ashamed if we take time out to pamper ourselves because it takes time away from our loved ones. A retreat is a great way to practice self- care, self-love and self-nurturing.















4. Enjoy every moment more fully without a tight schedule or routine.

Retreats can be a place where we can practice allowing and surrendering to the moment. We can make a decision to have no plan for the day, and allow ourselves to simply act upon what feels light and right for us in every moment. Some of us are so used to living according to a tight schedule which has us running from one appointment to the next. We get to slow down and experience the natural pace of nature when we are on a retreat.

5. Explore a new you.

The different activities, places and people you will interact with during your retreat will all expose you to a new way of BEing you. This experience will leave you feeling calmer, more present and connected to who you are.

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