Your Presence Is Powerful! Learn 4 Ways To Maximize Your Presence NOW.

Did you know you are a powerful being able to manifest and create a life that you truly desire? Did you know that your thoughts and actions in every moment greatly influence your existing reality?

When you are focused and completely engaged in the moment you get to experience the power of BEING PRESENT.

Eckhart Tolle wrote about it in his best selling book, The Power Of Now. This is the state of being where you get to experience your true nature and innate power. If most of our day is spent with our mind somewhere else such as with chronic worry about the future or resentment about the past, then we are not fully engaged in the present moment. This leaves us with the feeling of being scattered, drained, weak and tired.

Cell Phone

Today you see people walking around and driving while texting or talking on their phone which pulls them away from being fully engaged with what is in front of them, in the present moment. I was in the elevator yesterday and there were 4 people checking their smart phones out of the five people in the elevator! I was one of those 4 people! No need to feel guilty about it, I am writing this article today because I myself have been lured by the convenience of technology, which I have noticed has affected my relationships!

This past month of no school for my daughter has been a blessing because it has given us the opportunity to spend the whole day together. It has also made me realize that I fall short with my ability to really be there for her when I am checking to see what recent updates are on my smart phone.

The other day she told me I didn’t even notice she almost fell and lost her balance because I was too busy on my phone.¬† It has been brought to my awareness by my 8 year old that sometimes mommy is not paying attention or listening to her daughter because she is distracted by the phone.

I believe everything that happens in our lives is always meant to bring us towards balance. I am grateful for the blessings and growth opportunities that being distracted on my cell phone can bring me.

Instead of dwelling on feelings of guilt and shame for being a distracted mother-which doesn’t help anyone; I have listed below some helpful tips on how to empower yourself and nurture your relationships by staying present throughout the day.

Presence is healing


My daughter and I have had some enlightening talks because of my recent phone distractions. All this which has made me realize more than ever the importance of nurturing our human BEingness and how our children really are in need of our PRESENCE.

3 tips on how to maximize your power and STAY PRESENT throughout the day:

1.Create An Intention To BE PRESENT Throughout Your Day.


Intention is Everything!


“Everything begins with intention,” as Jennifer Grace, states in her recently released book Directing Your Destiny and talks about on her Hay House Radio Show. She teaches us the importance of us to connect to the¬†feelings of our intentions in order to maximize the effectiveness of our ability to manifest our desires. If your intention is to BE Present, then close your eyes right now and take a moment to feel about this: What would it feel like to BE PRESENT throughout the day? What if you were completely engaged in every single moment of your awake time today? How would you interact with people if all you had to BE was actively listening to them? How would your life be different if you were completely immersed in every activity of your day? Without any worry or thought distraction of your mind? How would your early morning shower, breakfast, lunch, dinner and drive to work be different? Allow the feelings of being fully present in the moment to take over. Then repeat at least 10 times this affirmation to reinforce your intention to be present throughout your day, “I feel grateful I am now fully present and engaged in the moment.”

2. Become The Witness.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation throughout the day. Mindfulness Meditation is the practice of non-judgmental moment to moment awareness. Observe what happens throughout your day, without analysis, judgement, or criticism. Notice how simply BEing the observer of your day makes you feel. Allow emotions to flow through you, don’t hold them back. The more we allow our feelings to flow, the more we are able to stay present and aware of what arises in our present moment. If we store or bottle up our emotions, they become distractions, just like the cell phone, that pull us away from experiencing fully the present moment.

Allow feelings to arise without having to question WHY you are feeling that way. Just BE. Just feel. This practice of BEING THE WITNESS makes us tune into our power! It makes us feel lighter and more mentally and physically calm. A great way to strengthen your ability to BE present is by actively listening to the guided meditation called “Awareness.”

3. Breathe with your diaphragm.

Breathe IN Fully To Feel Your Power

The power of our presence can be felt every time we breathe IN deeply!

Take a deep breath through your nose. Notice the feeling of expansion in your belly and chest when you inhale with deep diaphragmatic breaths throughout your day. Your diaphragm is a magical muscle in your body which causes you to feel more the center of your body and this actually grounds you and makes you feel more centered! Stimulating the diaphragm muscle with breathing consciously causes an overall state of deep relaxation and calm to your whole being. It helps pull you into the moment, after all, you can only breathe in the NOW! Try at least 10 conscious deep diaphragmatic breaths in a row throughout your day and notice how this practice makes you feel the power of your presence! Read more on how to let go and flow with your diaphragm here.


The actual cell phone, ipad or laptop is not the “problem.” It is our conscious awareness of how and when to use them that is in need of balance.

Balance is key and if you feel you have to turn off your cell phone to regain balance, then by all means honor those feelings and power OFF.

Turn off as conveniently possible throughout your day or put your phone on vibration mode, especially when you are wanting to create extra special moments with your loved ones. Turn off the settings on your phone or ipad so that you are not alerted when someone texts you or leaves you a message. There is something magical that can be felt when being completely immersed in the present moment. We get to experience the power of our soul in the present moment. This may be more likely to occur when the phone is turned OFF. Notice how turning off all electrical distractions affects your state of BEing present and fully engaged in the moment.

When the phone is off, we are not expecting anyone to contact us, this possible distraction is turned off and that may place us more at ease. For some of us, turning off the cell phone, ipad or laptop might actually stress us out! This may be a powerful indicator of just how in or out of balance we are. Be honest with yourself and create solutions instead of being too hard on yourself or feeling ashamed or guilty for being off balance. Every moment brings us an opportunity to grow and learn ways to live a more fulfilling life.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of turning “off” and turning ON to the present moment of NOW and what is right in front and all around you as often as possible.¬† This will allow you to experience the power of YOU IN THE NOW.


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