How Smart, Sexy & Spiritual Men Are Perceived

Opportunities for us to communicate authentically, grow, heal and connect to who we are are everywere and everyday.

I recently wrote an article entitled “How To Meet Smart, Sexy and Spiritual Men‚Äù which was featured in MindBodyGreen.

It included a photo of a naked spiritual-yogi rock star Adam Levine from the band Maroone 5, who’s recent album is called Overexposed.










The article I wrote coupled with the photo selected by Mindbodygreen and the comments posted on what a sexy, spiritual man means to the readers, brought to my awareness how sometimes we judge people and articles written based on their external appearances (like rock star and tattoos) and not their depth or content.

Smart, sexy, and spiritual man means many different things for many different people and we may not all agree on what that meaning is.

This brought to my awareness of how sometimes we may be missing something really great in our lives based on our judgements and assumptions. We take the pleasure away of having an experience that may actually be exactly what we need to grow when we make judgements.

I am guilty of self-limiting like this at times and notice that choosing these thought patterns drain and disconnect. We bring ourselves away from feeling one with all living beings when we make judgements and assumptions about ourselves and others. As I heal and grow, I realize how this practice can limit my own growth, work, life and relationships.

“Learn to see with your heart and not just your eyes.” is a quote I came across the other day that really resonated with me

May we become more aware of how judgements and assumptions impact us and our lives without judging ourselves for judging! This allows us to grow and live a fuller life.

May we also become aware that we are all unique and whole just as we are, and that embracing our uniqueness IS what makes us so beautiful, smart, sexy and spiritual.

What do you feel are the qualities and traits of a smart, sexy, and spiritual man? Comment and share below!!!

¬†I highly recommend you click HERE to listen to a beautiful song by Maroone 5 called “Love Somebody.” Their music ROCKS!!!














Special Thanks To Smart, Sexy and Spiritual Brian Piergrossi, author of The Big Glow for inspiring me to write this blog post!