How To Release and Transform Emotional Pain

Emotional pain is defined as an experience of pain and discomfort brought about by our mental perception of an event or person’s behavior as being hurtful. When we hold onto past hurts and do not forgive, we become resentful and accumulate more emotional pain and tension in our bodies.

Our interpretations of an event cause the perception of those interpretations to be painful on an emotional and physical level, because one cannot be experienced without the other. We experience for example, heartache in our stomach, chest and throat area.

It is so important to give ourselves the time and space to be available to our hurt emotions, so they may process and release naturally. Our nature is to be in constant motion just as our digestion is always happening, so too is our emotional digestion. We can digest, process and flow our emotions more efficiently when we allow ourselves to be fully engaged in the present moment.  When we focus on hurtful thoughts of the past and replay them again and again, or worry about the future, we hurt ourselves by causing chronic stress to our body-mind. This also dampens our ability to heal, process and transform the pain from the past. This happens to us when we suffer a traumatic event such as a death in the family or if we live with an abusive parent or partner.

Top 3 Ways To Release Emotional Pain.

1. Perceive Pain As A Blessing and Opportunity to Grow and Strengthen From The Inside Out.

Let go of all judgements, analysis or labeling of the emotional pain you have suffered in the past. That’s right! Pain is a perception. Trust that all the emotional abuse or hurtful experiences that you perceived in the past have a divine purpose, and they have allowed you to feel and know yourself on a deeper level. You are the incredible person that you are today, because of every experience you have lived.

Emotions are like water and they are meant to flow. Allow yourself to witness and notice your feelings, without having to categorize them as painful or not. This is the first step in allowing painful emotions to move from heaviness to lightness and create emotional freedom of the past. Remember that your true nature is to digest, process and release, just as every time you eat a meal and visit the bathroom. For example, some of us have been touched in a way that has caused us to feel shame. And some of us have judged the person who has done this. If we allow ourselves to feel our shame, and then feel compassion, forgiveness and acceptance for what we allowed to happen and what happened, healing and release occurs. This whole process may be very difficult for us to do on our own. Since many of us have been holding on for years to these hurts and pains. This is where it is helpful to receive Emotional Release Bodywork and Guidance on HOW to release, process and heal our emotional pain. Contact me at if you would like to learn how to release and process the pains of our past via a long distance or in person healing session.

2. Forgive Yourself and Others.

Pardon those who you have perceived have hurt you and decide to let go of the resentment you have accumulated from the past. Know that no one is truly ever purposefully trying to hurt you. Whoever has in the past, is suffering themselves, or else they would have never been able to evoke suffering in you. When we are filled with love, all we want to do is love, uplift and respect others. What we feel inside about ourselves and how we treat our own selves has everything to do with how we treat others.

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Learn how to forgive mentally, physically and how to clear the energy of past emotions on all levels. Sometimes we pray and forgive consciously, but without feeling it in our hearts or every cell of our being.  Our body, heart, mind and energetic field greatly benefit from forgiveness. Forgiveness with our whole being is a form of releasing and clearing the past. CLICK HERE to embody the frequency of forgiveness by listening to the FREE AUDIO MEDITATION TO EMBODY FORGIVENESS NOW using the Alva Method of Self-Empowered Quantum Healing and Rapid Mindset Change approach.

3. Use Diaphragmatic Breaths Throughout Your Day To Stay In The Flow.

Our respiratory diaphragm is under both conscious and sub-conscious control. It is designed to help us process our suppressed emotions. Breathe with your diaphragm to stimulate the relaxation response and also to allow your repressed emotions to be expressed and released.

Guided meditations such as the I AM ALREADY HEALED Guided Meditation TO HEAL OUR DIS-EASE (email me at to send it to you) teaches us how to use our breath to embrace, process and release emotional pain.  Combine meditation with your diaphragmatic breaths for a more powerful effect.  When we meditate, we achieve an optimal brainwave state for emotional processing and to experience ourselves beyond our thoughts and beliefs. This is where deep and profound healing occurs. When we feel the oneness that we are, miracles happen in our physiology.


Practice meditation daily to give your mind a rest from all the hurtful thoughts and emotions you have accumulated and to enable your body-mind to feel whole and complete.  

We are conscious and divine energetic beings of light and love. Experience yourself in a whole new way, and allow guided meditation to be a first step, if you have a hard time meditating on your own.

Try these techniques daily, and let me know how they benefit you. There is not time like the present to free yourself from emotional baggage so you can live your life filled fulfilling your true heart’s desire with ease and lightness. You are so worth It!

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