How To BE A Healer For Yourself and The Whole World

Healing Hands Michelle Alva

How Healing Are You To Be Around?

For the longest time I did not want to ‚Äúlabel‚Äù myself as a healer.¬† I felt that by singling myself out as a healer, that would make others not feel as though they were healers, as I believe we all are healers. However, my clients reassured me that the healing they encounter happens because I am able to “guide and instruct” them on their healing journey. This makes their experience more efficient. They are able to shift in ways they may not have if I had not been guiding.

A TRUTH: The more I clear my own self-doubt, fears, judgements and INCREASE self-love, acceptance, appreciation and inner peace, the more powerfully I am able to facilitate healing experiences.

This past year and a half has been a year of major shifting in my life, where I have spent the most time in my life on self-healing, on asking what is my dream life and who am I?

The relationship with my Whole Self has drastically strengthened and as a result I have seen amazing carry over into my work as a healer and in my intuition.¬† I do less “techniques” and am more present. I feel that my mere presence as an integrated and loving being of light IS more powerful than any healing system or technique alone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a very extensive background. Refer to my Bio here. I focused in my earlier years on learning as many techniques as possible so I could be a better and more educated therapist for my clients. What I have discovered after working for so many years, is that our mere presence is sometimes more healing than what we are actually led to believe in many schools.

We heal ourselves and others when we are living our lives connected to our Divine and authentic Self. The healer vibrates at a higher frequency, and a higher frequency is more healing. Physiologically speaking, the higher levels of healing hormone that are flowing in your body, the higher levels of love and light is also flowing and you are affecting everyone in your space, actually the whole universe!

“Be The Change You Want To See” really works!

“Healers” then are really guides, catalysts, movers and shakers, that focus on BEing Healing Energy in the moment. This raises their own frequency and this facilitates a higher healing vibration.

Too often we focus on how beneficial a ‚Äútechnique‚Äù is, whether it is Reiki, Crystal Sound Healing Bowls, Healing Touch, Access Consciousness, Breathing Exercises, etc…. all different ways to activate healing. The technique coupled with the vibration of the healer and client are what determines the impact of the heailng modality.

Healing is happening ALL THE TIME. Our nature IS to heal.  However many times, our thoughts and beliefs are actually detrimental to our healing.  Too often we are living a life that is not truly aligned with our soul’s purpose.  We live a life too frequently that is not our “dream” life or a life we are passionate about living.  My friend Vic Munoz once asked me, “Are you living your dream life?  If not, then you are living someone else’s life.”

After working as a physical therapist and healer for over 16 years, I realize that there are certain traits, or characteristics that a person possesses that increases their own heal-ability.

The more we love and are grateful, the more we raise our heal-ability. When we feel ashamed, angry and judgmental towards ourselves and others, we actually lower our frequency and thus weaken our heal-ability.

Your Heal-Ability Checklist:

Place an X next to the statements below that describe you.
____ I live in the moment, I am present and here in the NOW most of the time.

____ I love myself exactly as I am.

____ I am a self-thinker. I live my life according to what feels right for my Soul Self and notice how this is actually the most beneficial for all those around me.

____ I live connected to my true heart’s desire. I fulfill my soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

____ I am fearless, I trust that everything is always happening for my highest good. I surrender when things don’t go the way I wanted. I go with the flow. I rarely get too angry or upset because I know that every thing is always Divinely perfect. I have faith.

____ I let go of attachment and catch myself from getting addicted. I actually reflect and heal myself instead of numbing out and stagnating my own personal growth. I feel my whole spectrum of emotions (pain, hurt, anger, love, joy, passion) and let them flow.

____ I am a truth seeker and am generally very honest with myself and others, instead of living a lie, people pleasing and acting as though everything is ok.

____ I love just to love, not because I want something in return from loving someone (I don’t have an agenda for loving people). I love unconditionally.

____ I am very connected to my creativity, I love to create and I don’t judge what I create, I just create!

____ I focus on the cup being half full instead of half empty.

____ I rarely gossip, judge, criticize or complain, it doesn’t make me feel uplifted, so I refrain from it.

____ I feel. I listen to what feels right and light in my body and I honor my feelings. I respect myself and act on those feelings and flow away from the things that feel heavy, draining and not in my highest good.

____ I realize that my body IS the temple of my soul. I am divinity. I am holy. I am sacred.

____ I express my truth and honor my true feelings. I am not scared to speak up and say what I really feel. I am relaxed when I speak my truth and don’t try to explain myself too much.

____ I feel oneness with all of nature and everyone in this mysterious universe. I know that everyone is a part of me, that we are all whole and complete. 

____ I am not afraid to die. I know that to die and be born is natural and inevitable and I am at peace with this truth. I live every moment to the fullest because of this realization and appreciate every moment as a sacred gift.

If you placed a check next to most of these statements, then you have a healing presence!
You are walking around and actually are helping others to feel more whole, and heal!

Thank you for BEing a catalyst for your own self-healing and healing others by becoming aware of your heal-ability.

BE you authentically and notice how your life changes, how healing your life becomes! Share this article with a friend and comment down below to let me know how this article benefits you!