Healthy Pelvic Movements For People Who Sit For Too Long


Do you sit for at least 6 hours or more per day?

Have you ever noticed how sitting still at a computer for an hour causes your neck, back and hips to feel stiff and tight?

Movement is so important for our overall health. Our mind, blood flow, energy and hormones work better when we move.

Watch the video above that will teach you these four powerful pelvic movements. It was filmed in Hollywood, Fl at the recent WITI Women In Technology International Networking Event. Michelle Alva, Licensed Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist and Belly dance Teacher has created Nurturing Moves®, an approach that teaches you safe and healthy pelvic movements to counter act the negative effects of sitting for too long at a computer or desk.

No doubt, the advancements of technology have drastically simplified and improved the way we live, work, and manage our daily chores. Television, computers, cell phones etc. have made our lives easier. But all these can have potentially adverse effects on our health. Health problems like back pain, computer vision syndrome, carpel tunnel syndrome are all gifts of over-use of technology. Not to mention what sitting does for our libido, core muscles and creativity. We were designed to move and we are our most happiest when we move our bodies freely and in fun ways.

We live in a hectic world. Juggling a highly demanding job with the responsibilities of our personal and family life, often we are left feeling stressed and exhausted. Most busy professionals today might find it is more difficult to balance self-care and play time with work and family.

Try these 4 powerful Nurturing Moves® throughout your day to keep you feeling energized, joyful and healthy:

Begin every movement in basic stance, a neutral spine posture with your body relaxed. Repeat each movement at least 10 times in both directions.

1. Hip Slides:

Move your hips side to side. Keep your toes pointing forward.

2. Hip Circles:

Move your hips in a clockwise direction. Then counter-clockwise. This is the same movement that we achieve when we hula hoop. Try hula hooping daily to get a great pelvic workout to your favorite music!

3. Figure Eight:


Pretend you are standing above a large horizontal eight or infinity sign. Trace your hips so they move in this direction. Bring the right hip forward, around and back, then cross over to the left hip and bring that hip around and to the left. Continue in this direction and then alternate directions.

4. Shimmies: 

Shake and vibrate your hips. It is as though you were wagging your tailbone very quickly. This movement actually tones your deep corset muscles and is a great way to naturally feel elevated and joyful. Try hips shimmies for one minute and notice the benefits.