Have You Given Yourself Permission To Fly?

Fly High

Have you made enough time in your life to ask yourself, “what is my dream life?” Then taken the time to listen for the answers and visualized that dream life?

Other helpful questions: What does my ultimate dream life feel like? Who are the people in my dream life? What am I doing in my dream life?

Dare to ask and you will definitely manifest some answers, maybe a little quicker than you may expect!

A few months back I had the honor of teaching yoga and belly dance to a group of amazing women at The Women’s Rejuvenation Retreat in Costa Rica led by Jennifer Grace,¬† Hay House author of “Directing Your Destiny.”


One of my dreams is to offer life enhancing and empowering retreats all around the world! I had envisioned that goal just a few weeks before Jennifer Grace had asked me to be a part of her Costa Rica Retreat! More and more opportunities have come into my life that support the goal I have created for myself.

Michelle Alva Jennifer Grace Retreats

The retreat’s purpose was all about manifesting your dream life, and making time to write out the “script” of your dream life. Jennifer says we are the writers, directors and producers of our destiny. In her book she outlines a highly effective, step-by-step way to manifest our true heart’s desire!

I have had a series of events occur in my life that have brought me more confirmation that I am living aligned to my soul’s purpose. I had the pleasure of sharing my passions of teaching yoga with belly dance and offering one-on-one Integrative Healing Sessions to the amazing group of women in the beautiful St. Simon’s Island at Dr. Anna Cabeca’s and Robin Nielson’s “Sexy, Younger You” VIP Women’s Retreat this past October. That experience was so enriching for me on both a personal and professional level. What an amazing group of women!

Sexy Younger you Michelle Alva

We are never alone in this planet, there are forces beyond our own comprehension that are ALWAYS looking out for our highest good and working day and night in our favor, whether you call them Angels, God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Gods/Goddesses or Saints, what I have come to understand is welcome them all! We will never know exactly who is conspiring, but trust me, it’s ALWAYS in your favor! All we have to do is PLUG IN and stay connected to our heart and soul. This means to allow our minds to be quiet enough so we may hear the whisper of our true heart’s desire and to have faith in a higher power (this is where nurturing our spiritual side really helps).

But all this is not enough. First and foremost, at least for me, I have had to let go of the past “stories and beliefs” I had stored in my sub-conscious mind- “quotes like: You are not worthy of all that love, joy and peace. You can’t have it all, life is difficult and a struggle. You don’t deserve that. You are not ready.” Do any of those messages linger in the back of your mind throughout the day?

I am here to tell you the minute you kindly say good-bye and thank you to any self-limiting thoughts and HELLO and YES! to manifesting your true heart’s desire, the faster you will magnetize all that you truly desire!

A very helpful guide is Jennifer’s new book and her courses in person or online are also a very helpful way to kick start your dream life!


This I feel has been the most powerful shift in my life.

Today, I expect greatness, I expect peace, I expect things falling into place easily in my life. Mind you, if this does NOT occur, I also TRUST that Source knows what is for my highest good. That the universe is a kind and wise universe.

We are so blessed to live on this earth, at this exact moment in time. There are endless possibilities for us! If you have any doubt or need clarity, I invite you to take 12 minutes to listen to the guided meditation I have created called “Breathe In Love” HERE. This meditation connects you immediately to your heart to brings you clarity and inner peace. And then you can listen to FLY HIGH, this guided meditation will seal your new programming to fly higher than ever!

Inside each and every one of us is a brilliant creator, artist and designer of your very own magnificent life ! Make time each day to ask BIG QUESTIONS, you will get some amazing answers and they come in all shapes and sizes! STAY OPEN TO AMAZING!

JUST SAY YES! Let me know how this article inspires you and if there are other ways that you have discovered just how powerful you are, share with us!!! SPREAD THE LOVE!

SPECIAL THANK YOU TO JENNIFER GRACE, DR. ANNA CABECA, ROBIN NIELSON for inviting me to share my passion of yoga, dance and integrative healing on these two retreats AND to all the amazing women who I have been so fortunate to meet at these retreats! YOU ALL INSPIRE ME TO REACH EVEN HIGHER !

AND if you are in Miami, join me this coming Sunday December 8, where I will be teaching with the amazing Sound Healer David Jesse Kennet (the “dream come true” love of my life) for a heart expanding and very healing “Soul Sounding For Inner Peace.” Details HERE. Listen to David’s Magical Voice and Healing Nature Sounds HERE.

Soul Sounding For Inner Peace