Ultimate Acceptance with "Everything Is Always Perfect."

A way to achieve a deeper level of peace is to surrender to Divine Order with

Everything Is Always Perfect…


I realize how believing in a higher power is so great, because it calms us… we are relaxed when we can trust that there is a higher force that is making sure that everything is happening for our highest good. This is how we can experience calm amidst chaos. A helpful affirmation is “EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS PERFECT!”

Even though I may have desires for things to be different than what they are… I can be content with simply what IS and trust that it is always perfect.¬† The more I can be accepting and appreciating of the moment, the more peace and love flows through me.

The more I am able to allow things to just BE what they are, the more I open myself to allowing those things to move and re-organize themselves. When I resist what is, worry or force things to be what I want when they just simply are not meant to be what I want, I am just STRESSING my whole system and all those around me.

Repeat this useful affirmation EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS PERFECT throughout your day…especially in your most challenging of times.¬†


1. When running late for an appointment.¬† Stay focused on getting there… forgive yourself for being late and repeat EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS PERFECT.

2.¬† When an individual in your life appears to be challenging to get¬† along . This person is a wonderful opportunity to teach you something… such as patience or acceptance. What can you learn from this situation? Send him/her a loving intention and repeat EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS PERFECT.

3. When you don’t get the job you wanted or the call back after a first date…EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS PERFECT. There is something even juicier waiting for you… be patient and trust.

4. When someone you love is sick or recently diagnosed with a certain condition.¬† The most powerful drug is LOVE. In those moments we can see our loved one as BEing whole and complete. We can send them loving intentions and pray for them.¬† We can use this challenge as an opportunity to strengthen our connection to trust and faith.¬† When we feel sorry for people or worry about them, we actually weaken ourselves and all those around us. We consume so much energy when we try to understand WHY things have to happen this way… we can be so useful when we choose to let go and just LOVE.

Faith is power and trusting that EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS PERFECT strengthens everyone.

Add a conscious and deep diaphragmatic breath to your affirmation. This ensures you are most relaxed and peaceful.¬† Close your eyes and FEEL the energy of the words aligned with your intention… EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS PERFECT.¬† Notice how you feel.

Even though you experience chaotic and even traumatic moments in your life, know that they are all here to teach you something and make you a more complete person in the long run. Lord knows I sure had a lot of traumas and dramas in my life. All of those experiences¬† have gifted me with so much compassion, healing and empathy and I see them as blessings. 🙂

Let me know how this affirmation helps you and post a comment below!