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Inhale Miami
6310 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

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Mar 06 2020


8:00 pm - 12:30 am


$75 – $180

Turn On Miami – A Sensual and Explorative Party

Immerse yourself in a sensual and explorative experience that will have you…
feeling alive, rejuvenated and energetic,
beaming with joy and ecstasy,
awakened and connected to all parts of you, including the forgotten ones
empowered to feel and own your sensual desires
wanting more of you, your body, and life
Turned On to create the life you desire!
An alchemical and transformational evening where we will gather together to create a sacred time and space, free of judgment, to explore our senses, growth edges, boundaries, and possibilities.
An evening designed to TURN YOU ON and give yourself permission to OWN it. A safe, non-sexual event where underwear stays on the whole time.
An evening filled with sensual elements, practices, and activities to seduce you into surrendering to your sensual self, your arousal, and your eroticism.
Will the sensual decor, candle lights, roses, aromas, and delicious chocolate hypnotize you into surrendering to your senses?
Will Aphrodite’s Cacao Ceremony and Sex Magic initiation awaken you to be the creator and manifester of joy, glory, and abundance you are meant to be?
Will your desires and boundaries be heard, honored, and respected?
Will the playful stations invite you to give yourself permission to explore how alive you are?
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
The Turn On Miami playground will consist of:
Adoration Station: here you will adore yourself as the powerful divine being you are, to be adored throughout the evening.
Sensual Tantra Station: here you will explore tantric principals: breath, sound, movement, and divine touch.
Cuddle Puddle Station: here you will have the opportunity to connect with others through conscious touch and feel embraced and safe.
Stimulation Station: here you will be invited to surrender into your body and feel different sensations that will awaken your body to even more ecstasy.
Bondage Station: here, with your full consent and the desire of surrendering, you will be tied up, restrained, and owned.
Spanking Station: here, with your full consent and the desire of surrendering to pleasurable pain, you will be spanked on your nice behind – be ready to want for more!
Aphrodite’s Station for Couples: here Lucia Gabriela will initiate couples into Sensual Domination and TantriKink.
Dance Floor: here you are free to move your body sensually and have lots of fun.
Aphrodite’s Bar – indulge in cacao elixir, dark chocolate, fruit (strawberries) and hors d’oeuvres.
An evening full of alchemy, magic, power, energy, pleasure, and bliss. An evening to awaken your turn-ons!
Attire: Extra Sexy!
Are you in?
Buy your ticket today. Do not miss such a delicious night.

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