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Jul 18 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Complimentary Class to Create Magic In Our World

Shift Shame and Guilt To Cultivate Deeper Intimacy and Connection

Have you ever experienced shame, guilt, or judgment surrounding your sexuality? Many of us hold hurts in our bodies that limit our ability to feel free and truly express our creativity and sexuality.

Join Michelle Alva, NLP/Hypnosis and Tantra Practitioner and Yariela Sequeira,LMHC for an empowering hour in which you will lbe introduced to effective strategies to heal, transform and embrace your past, to embody freedom and get to the root of your pain and/or trauma.

Michelle Alva has over 23 years in health and wellness, she has a background in Pelvic Floor Physical therapy, and is a NLP/Hypnosis and Tantra Practitioner. She also experienced sexual trauma at the age of 14 which later manifested as chronic pain in her pelvis. This led her to discover and practice Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Sexual Healing Bodywork, Tantra and Yoni Massage for Healing and Transformation. She has also created Yoni and Sexual Healing Audios and Sexual Empowerment Facebook Group to support women.

About Yariela Sequeira:

Yariela Sequeira aka Yari, is an outside the box licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) who integrates energy healing, spirituality, creativity and her intuitive gift to support the journey of individuals who want to connect and shift into their powerful and true self. For the past 19 years, Yari has been facilitating personal shifts through workshops, individual and group counseling sessions aside from free community events.

In 2019, she began to offer free and monthly community circles identified as Wisdom Gatherings (WG) with the intent to support, listen, relate and empower each of its members. Wisdom Gatherings was born from the desire to offer the community an alternative space where they can come, share, laugh, listen as participants shift together. WG have been virtual for the past two months following COVID-19 precautions. You can follow the live sessions through Yari’s lnstagram live @evolve_in.

As a therapist and individual, Yari believes in giving back to the community, while also consciously participating in recreating a space for individual and collective empowerment. Anger, anxiety, intimacy, sexuality, depression, addictions, abuse & life transitions, amongst others, are topics Yari has explored and redefined with clients.

Given this time of renewal, sessions with Yari invite you to release traits that no longer serve you allowing your genuine and colorful soul to expand. You can learn more about Yari’s work and passion as she has been featured On Voyage Magazine, or through her writings though Therapy Outside the Box Blog. You can also visit her profile on Psychology Today through the following link:


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