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Jun 03 2020


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Complimentary Class to Create Magic In Our World

FREE MASTERCLASS: Abundance Mindset Activation Experience: Embody New Beliefs and A New World

Ready to release fear, scarcity, lack or separateness?
Our True Nature is to Be Abundant. Yet so many of us focus on the glass half empty, feeling we are not enough, or dwelling on the past. Some of us are hiding and ashamed, or feel guilty or not lovable. Bring all your S>H>I>T (Shit stands for Strengthen, Heal, Imagine Something New and Thrive) to this empowerment hour, and we will transform it to Fertilizer, so we can grow and liberate ourselves from the weight of our past heavy thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.
Michelle Alva, wild guide you with powerful ways to clear, process and re-set your mindset. She is an NLP/Hypnosis and Tantra Practitioner who used to be a Physical Therapist… after 23 years, she decided to go full all out and share an Integrative way of Self-Healing Empowerment… the Alva Method is a process of self-discovery… we will “turn on” our sexual energy, which is our creative energy, and also learn ways of Being that cause us to easily let go of beliefs that don’t serve us.
When we unite sexual energy, mindset change techniques, and other embodiment practices she has created, we create miracles!
Dress relaxed, you can take this class from the comfort of your bed!
Make sure to have water and stay well hydrated, and if you have Michelle’s Abundance Oil, have that with you.
You can order WILD ABUNDANCE PROSPERITY OIL, created and blessed fo you by Michelle Alva with lots of Alva Love, HERE: for future activations.
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