Energize, Heal and Celebrate Your Whole Self with Nurturing Moves



Dance and music have been an important part of my life since I was born. I remember my dad would get us ready for kindergarten to the rhythms of samba, salsa and Olivia Newton John. As an adult I still use these to start off the morning right to get my daughter ready for school and for me to feel more energized.

Seventeen years ago, I began my career as a physical therapist working with infants and children and realized the power of music and dance to get my young clients motivated to do their physical therapy and have fun with their parents.

I also used dance and music as a yoga teacher and chose specific tracks to evoke a certain mood. I loved guiding my yoga students through a rhythmical vinyasa flow with a touch of empowered femininity.

I learned how to belly dance about 10 years ago and felt it was a perfect dance form to integrate into my practice as a physical therapist and yoga teacher working with pregnant women, new mothers, teens, women healing through cancer and women with infertility.


Yoga has more masculine-linear based movements and belly dance exudes feminine energy. The union of these two forms of mindful movement practices give birth to a balanced masculine and feminine dance workout for the body, mind and soul.

I gave myself the permission to integrate belly dance and physical therapy based movement exercises to relieve my prenatal yoga students, frequent complaints of sciatica, low back and neck tension during their yoga class. The fusion of physical therapy based movements along with yoga and belly dance specific for the changes of a woman’s pregnant body bring a very feminine and nurturing benefit. The nature of this gentle and rhythmical dance is especially soothing and a great way to bond with your baby before birth.


The more I taught yoga classes to pregnant women, the more I naturally would weave mindful belly dance based movements. I realized that a prenatal yoga class that includes science based therapeutic exercise with belly dance offered added benefits than just a prenatal yoga class alone. Sometimes women are not aware of the latest research in how to prevent and alleviate back pain and this may not be information available to a yoga or belly dance teacher. Pregnant women benefit greatly from a movement practice that is based on current scientific research in low back and neck pain prevention and also with the spiritual benefits of yoga.



Nurturing Moves is a blend of physical therapy based movement exercises, belly dance based movements and yoga based asana and breathing exercises with energy healing techniques. Nurturing Moves are for women of all shapes, ages and sizes. I am guided in every class to offer a very healing form of fitness just as when I see a client for one-on-one integrative healing therapy sessions. I rely on my intuition and movement expertise and diverse background to guide me to assess the needs of my clients.

I look at everyones posture, how they move and breathe, and assess their energetic body and the result is a very intimate group experience that I call a form of spiritual and healing fitness. Women get a cardio workout, but they also discover a balance between their feminine and masculine power. Nurturing Moves® teaches you but also creates space for individuals to awaken their own intuition and creative self expression.

What A Nurturing Moves Class Looks Like….

The classes are 60-90 minutes long. They begin with awareness exercises, followed by breathing exercises that tone and strengthen. Women learn basic belly dance based movements for the pelvis, hips, heart, chest, neck and head. Movements taught bring a sense of ease and lightness.

Women get to partner up and practice dancing in ways that create connection and stimulate the healing hormone oxytocin which is necessary for a healthy conception, pregnancy, labor, healing and transition to motherhood.


The classes are a beautiful way to connect to your feminine power and creativity while also embracing your masculine energy. Every woman is honored and celebrated just as she is.

We dance with veils and hip scarves to embellish our bodies and accept ourselves regardless of our waist size or how many stretch marks we may have. Women get to dance their soul and walk their soul’s essence during “proud walking”.

Benefits Of Nurturing Moves….

Women learn how to free up their bodies from physical and emotional tensions and pains from the rhythmical and hypnotic breath-guided movements. The danceyoga fusion helps one to open and heal their heart and also the pelvic and hip areas of the body which many times we feel disconnected or ashamed of.

Some benefits of taking Nurturing Moves classes:

  • accept and love your body more
  • uplifts your mood and teaches you how to relax and let go
  • release old repressed emotions
  • teaches you how to de-stress and reduce anxiety
  • feel more connected to your femininity, your baby and sensual side
  • feeling more energized and “awakened”


Towards the end of the class, people report feeling as if they are floating on clouds or very “awake” inside and connected to all the parts of their whole human being from taking a class. This is the goal of every class, for us to experience our wholeness and natural energy. I share this experience through guiding individuals with their Nurturing Moves.


I will be guiding a Nurturing Moves class at the next Deep Transformation 2 that will be held on October 6 & 7, 2012. This is a two day intensive series of workshops by some amazing facilitators of deep transformation for the body, mind and spirit. Registration and details HERE!