Embrace Your Obstacles to Manifest Greatness…

Last night, 16 of us gathered at Choices Vegan Cafe for a very uplifting and productive two hour workshop that included a delicious vegan meal. Alex Cuevas, owner of Choices and I collaborated to bring you

Clear Your Obstacles and Manifest Greatness !

Some Key Points that were reviewed were:

1. Did you know that all you need to do is ask…if you want to receive?

2.We are all so powerful, we are experts at manifesting… all we have to do is believe enough in ourselves, in our abilities,and take the needed steps to manifest our goals… just as when we learned how to walk!We will fall, we will lose balance… it will be scary at times, but all we need to do is get back up, and try again.

3. The importance of time management (be responsible and organize your day-every hour to be most productive and leave room for play), prioritizing and achieving balance.¬† We learned Alex’s effective and practical Happiness Model to achieve balance and manifest greatness.

4. I shared the laws of attraction and how we all can manifest powerfully in our lives with simple shifts of consciousness and intention.

We all have the ability to live a truly fulfilling life and have it all. When we take time to re-charge our whole being, nourish ourselves with healthy relationships, food and fitness, a career we are passionate about and align with Source on a daily basis… magic happens.
Thank you to everyone for sharing with us! Please post a comment to let us know how you enjoyed the food,the Choices Center, the company and the event.

May your day be filled with passion, purpose and contentment!

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