Are You Settling For Average Or AWESOME!? 3 Tips On How To Upgrade NOW!


Are you settling for an average and not-so-exciting life or do you feel grateful and get excited about starting your day every morning?

Have you noticed that many of us are going thru similar challenges or “upgrades” lately and maybe the fact that the new year is right around the corner has caused us to reflect on where we have been and question our lives and how satisfied we are. It seems we are in a¬† major growth spurt right now that for some of us feels chaotic at times. Have you noticed there is some major shedding going on? Do you feel more emotional at times, and then feel a surge of energy? The old is making way for the new (some of us are experiencing this with a lot of resistance) and we are realizing that some things we have been doing or living, it just plain not vibing for us anymore. Can you relate?

Relationships are falling apart, old ones are being strengthened, new ones are forming and rather quickly… it’s happening as all this outer chaos is strengthening our own “inner” relationship. We have been suffering for way too long, and our body, mind, and spirit just can’t take it anymore.

I have noticed recently in both male and female clients of mine who have come for a one-on-one healing session that they are at a crossroads in their romantic, family and professional/career life. Some are not sure they are with the “right person” or job and are dis-satisfied with the person or job they are involved with; sometimes for many years. There seems to be an emotional wall between them, lots of resentment and not surprisingly the sex, romance and passion is diminished or absent.

Awesome Life Michelle Alva

I have noticed some common characteristics with these type of individuals. Ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do you place yourself last on your priority list… give too much and have a difficult time receiving?

2. Are you chronically stressed? Do you feel weighed down, low on the libido scale and too tired?

3. Are you NOT too excited about going to work in the morning?

4. Do you feel out of shape or overweight?

5. Do you have a hard time getting a restful night’s sleep?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to keep reading…

Before we make decisions on how we feel about our partners, how focus energy and attention on ourselves? After all, according to the law of attraction, whatever type of relationship we are able to co-create with our partner is just a reflection of the relationship we have been able to create with ourselves!

Here are 3 Tips On How To Upgrade To Awesome NOW!

1. Ask the right questions-to yourself!

One of the recurring themes of not getting AWESOME, AMAZING and MAGNIFICENT in our lives is largely due to not asking ourselves these questions: “What do I truly desire?
“What do I get excited about? What brings me passion and joy? Who do I get excited about? What do I love to do? What does my dream life look like?”

Ask yourself these questions and notice what answers arise, give yourself quiet time to BE with yourself on a daily basis and ask yourself these life-changing questions. Your soul knows the answers if you just make more time to plug into your wise and higher knowing Soul Self. Some of us might even be a little uncomfortable with the thought of actually living our awesome dream life! Feel whatever arises. For some of us this means, feeling uncomfortable at first. It’s all ok! Trust this process.

Michelle Alva Spreads Wings

2. Accept that you are an awesome and beautiful gift (just as you are) NOW.

The day you were born, a miracle happened. You were created! You are so beautiful and significant JUST AS YOU ARE. You are a part of this whole collective universe. There is an important reason why you were born. Take up your space on this planet, don’t hold back your awesomeness, your creativity or your voice. You are the only one that sees things the way you see them. Everything you have gone through is happening to teach and inspire someone! Love yourself AS IS, reflect on how amazing you are, just as you are. When you walk, walk proudly! There is no one else that thinks, moves and smiles as you do! YES!!! Share yoU! Don’t be selfish and keep you all to yourself! Be SOULfish! Let your inner light and uniqueness GLOW outwards!!!! Just perceiving yourself as an awesome gift to everyone that crosses your path, shifts how you feel about yourself!!! Can you feel the awesomeness inside you NOW? YES!!!

3. Expect Your Best!

Expand your upper limit. Embrace the possibility that everything in your life can actually go extremely well! Spend time visualizing and feeling your dream life, as though it is already happening in the present moment. What would it feel like if you had that dream job, dream relationship, dream home and dream self-relationship? Feel it and it will be magnetized to you! Also don’t dwell too much on this or spend too much time on feeling the future if it means taking you away from enjoying the present moment. Everything is about balance. Trust that exactly where you are at, is where you are meant to be for now, but know that your thoughts and feelings are affecting your future in every moment! Trust that everything is perfect just the way it is. Trust that “everything is always perfect” regardless of what circumstances arise. There is an army of angels that walk with you everywhere you go, you are always being supported and you are never alone! Two great books to read to get you on your path to creating your dream life are Directing Your Destiny by Jennifer Grace and The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level By Gay Hendricks

Each one of us was born with endless possibilities for creating. It is truly up to us to make our lives exciting, regardless of our circumstances.

A lot of what we are and experience has to do with what we think and feel about throughout our day.

Try these 3 Tips and let me know how they inspire you to fly higher than ever before. You are so worth it!

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