Are you blocked or flowing? Tips on how to Release and Flow.



Connect To Nature


It is our nature to love, heal, reproduce, digest, process, and eliminate.

It is also our nature to grow, die and transform, just as all the trees and animals do.

It is our nature to feel pain and pleasure, to express a wide spectrum of emotions.

We are NOT designed to hold, to supress or avoid feeling our emotions.

When we are not living aligned with our True Nature, what is natural for us, we cause our stress hormone to be elevated.

When we are under chronic stress we actually block the flow of energy, slow down all those natural processes and lower our vitality. Healing is dampened when we go against our nature.

Flow IS our nature. Our bodies and minds are happiest and most healthy when we simply ARE present and fully engaged in the moment. Just as the nature of water is to move and flow, we are mostly made up of water, and we are meant to flow or else we stagnate and dull out just as water sitting in a bowl of water. After awhile, the water looks dulled and it collects dust and eventually mold, it stops looking alive when it no longer flows.

Our nature is to BE whole and integrated human BEings.

We are designed to move, feel, flow and process our emotions, thoughts and when we hold emotions from the past, we leave unprocessed and repressed anger, resentment, judgements and beliefs in our river-we stagnate our river’s flow.

Align with Nature: RELEASE AND FLOW.


Flow Like A River


Maybe we didn’t learn as children that it was ok to express and release our feelings, our emotions. Maybe we didn’t feel safe or heard enough to express ourselves fully. Maybe we felt neglected, as if no one cared… so we learned to HOLD. Did your mom or dad hear you and support your emotional state by simply witnessing and allowing a space for you to cry or yell or be angry? Or did your parents say “be quiet!”, “stop crying!”, “go to your room!” These comments teach us to stuff it all in and stagnate our emotions and to repress our feelings.

Remember our bodies are happiest when they feel flow, this means for our ocean of emotions to flow too without judgement or holding back. We accumulate emotional pain when we feel hurt by not feeling free to express ourselves in a safe and loving environment.

When we walk around with a lot of emotional pain, there is an energy that is stuck inside of us. This stuck energy is triggered by certain people or events. Do you ever get irritated when you are at a store and can hear a mother yelling at her child who is crying at the top of their lungs? Can you stand it, or does it trigger in you a deep feeling? 

If you react or are triggered and want to run in the other direction to avoid feeling their pain, more than likely you have pain you have been holding inside of you that this other person’s pain is causing your deeply held pains to be revealed.

We are designed to grow, heal and love. Our body cells are driven to heal and clear emotions, just as when we experience a cut in our skin. The body is designed to process and release. When we hold on to our old wounds, this creates a trigger, a holding pattern that carries a charge. When we are triggered to heal, such as when we “fall in love” or when we feel love for a child or friend, the suppressed emotions start to release and we feel the flow, and if we are ok with this feeling, we will allow it to heal. If we feel uncomfortable with feeling our emotional wounds, we will try our best to avoid those people or events and stop the natural emotional healing process by avoiding, contracting or freezing ourselves from being present in that moment. Some of us cope with pain by allowing ourselves to become distracted and addicted, however this only prevents us from healing and letting go of our past wounds. We can’t truly experience the openness and joy that we truly are, the love-filled being that we are if we block ourselves from healing. This is why some of us avoid deep intimacy or are scared of being vulnerable.

The pain will linger and fester in us, until we attract another trigger—because our nature is to heal the pain, our nature is to flow the pain.

1. FEEL TO FLOW: Become aware of how you feel.

The only way to release the emotional pain is first and foremost to acknowledge that it is there AND BE GRATEFUL FOR IT, it is coming up-that feeling, TO RELEASE, as we are ALWAYS healing and releasing, THAT IS OUR NATURE. This means to allow ourselves to FEEL whatever arises without any judgement, analysis or criticism. This happens much easier when we are able to feel safe and trust. And feeling grateful makes it all so much easier too! Your body is so wise and it is always happening FOR YOU to grow, heal and thrive.

Get in a comfortable position. Simply bring awareness to the different parts of your body and feel yourself from the inside out. Notice if there are any emotions or sensations you are feeling right now. Allow yourself to simply be a witness of your state of being. Your full attention is on simply noticing your feelings.

2. CONNECT TO YOUR DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATH: Flow your emotions and feel more.

Your diaphragm muscle IS the emotional processing muscle. Learn to use it to support self healing and emotional processing by expanding with awareness as you inhale. Inhale deeply and pause at the end of your maximal inhalation. Notice what it feels like to inhale and expand. Our muscles hold when they have emotional wounds. We literally repress the energy of our pain in our muscle tissue. I have had clients do this simple breathing exercise and have past memories of traumas come to the surface. I remember working with a woman who had been raped as a baby literally cry as though she was a baby during a healing session. In her session, she allowed the past memories to be felt and allowed her repressed emotions to be expressed through her breath, her sounds, her emotions and her tears and after a few minutes she felt lighter and more alive and connected to herself. The pain she had held for years in her gut, her upper tummy area she said was gone after just one healing energy session. We co-created the optimal conditions for her to heal and process the stuck energies and pains of the past. Because our bodies are designed to flow and heal, this was not difficult for her once the conditions were created for optimal emotional healing to occur.

Breathe In Life To The Fullest


We are truly loving ourselves and healing ourselves when we allow ourselves to feel who we are, and when we connect to the feeling of our breath as it flows through our body.

Today, my intention is simply to raise awareness. That you are designed to flow a precious energy of love through your body, just as every emotion you experience. DON’T HOLD IT IN! CHOOSE TO FEEL and BREATHE through the pain, the uncomfortableness, the “whatever you feel in the moment.”

This is where healing begins and where we can truly experience the true nature of our human beingness. We feel “in Love” when we feel and flow.

The first step is in allowing ourselves to become aware of feeling ourselves. For some of us that is no problem. For those of us who have been holding on to our past hurts and pains, this can be very difficult.


I am available if you need any more resources on this topic or if you are interested in mastering the art of healing, releasing and letting go so you may reconnect and ignite the passion, joy, creativity, clarity and love that is waiting to be re-ignited in you. I offer  Every session is unique and created for your needs and goals. For details link HERE.