5 Ways To BE A Great Lover and Optimize Your Sexual Health

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a GREAT LOVER?

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Sexual health is so important for the maintenance of our overall health, healing, creativity, joy and longevity. We benefit our hormonal health, neurological, digestive, immunological and brain health when we nurture our sexual side.

Too often, we may overlook prioritizing our sexual needs and desires because we may not realize, just how important and healthy it is to nurture our sensuality and sexuality.

Chronic stress lowers our libido and makes us feel drained and too tired to nurture our sexual health. This causes us to have a more difficult time connecting to ourselves and our significant other.

The more you nurture your sexuality, the more you feel energized, playful, sexy and loving . The best part is your body responds IMMEDIATELY to whatever changes you make to your sexual health. Your body’s many nerve endings are perfectly designed to take in the experience of sexual pleasure, just as it is to experience pain. Add pleasurable experiences to help balance your hormones, get better sleep and boost your immunity!

Make it a priority to optimize your overall heath and longevity by connecting to your sensual and sexual side.

Tips on How To Optimize Your Sexual Health…


Experience a heightened sense of pleasure through the five senses.

Pleasure yourself and your intimate partner through:
-Touch (massage yourself and your partner),
-Taste (experience the pleasure of your unique tastes)
-Vision (adore one another’s bodies, smiles, and gaze into each other’s eyes-see beyond the body-see the soul through eye gazing)
-Smell (notice the natural aromas of you and your loved one-close your eyes to deepen your awareness)
-Hearing: Listen to nature sounds, notice the beauty of your own sounds and your partner’s while being intimate.




















Practice SELF-ACCEPTANCE. Let go of judgement, criticism, guilt, or shame.














LOVE YOUR BODY just as it looks and feels. Realize that you are always whole and complete. You are so beautiful because you are UNIQUELY YOU! The more you experience self-acceptance, forgiveness and love towards your body, the easier you will experience love, pleasure and… orgasm with yourself and your partner! If you have experienced¬† sexual trauma, physical abuse or been touched inappropriately in the past, you may benefit greatly from an integrative healing session to release physical, emotional and energetic blockages that may be stifling your ability to experience sexual pleasure and intimacy.

3. GIVE AND FEEL EVERYTHING FULLY. BE Open, raw and uninhibited 100%.













Allow yourself to experience in the present moment- aligned with mind, body and breath/spirit. Bring your full presence into every sexual act and give 100% of yourself without censoring or inhibitions.

This means to bring yourself into the moment with heart that is wide open to loving and trusting. Connect intimately with a partner you feel safe with, a partner that accepts and loves you just as you are for optimal benefit. When we close down emotionally and guard ourselves, we limit the amount of pleasure and joy we can feel.

Sometimes we hold back and close down our heart because we don’t want to get hurt again, we don’t want to be rejected or because we are scared of intimacy. Commit to living with an open and fearless heart in order to feel more joy, pleasure and connection. But be forewarned, you will also feel more of every emotion, which includes sadness, pain and discomfort.



A sign of a great lover is when he or she knows how to pleasure and become ONE with their partner. In order for this to happen, one must be able to feel whole and connected within. This develops much easier when we have compassion, empathy and feeling for another.

Begin with being compassionate with yourself. Be ok with allowing yourself to feel the full spectrum of your own emotions, thoughts and feelings. Deep diaphragmatic breathing combined with non-judgmental pelvic floor awareness is a great way to heighten our sense of pleasure.

Discover ways to bring pleasure to yourself with genuine concern for your overall well-being; whether it be through sensual touch, masturbation, self-massage, and engaging in activities that bring you a heightened sense of pleasure and joy through mental or spiritual practices. The more we learn how to feel joy and pleasure within, the more we can develop genuine concern for others and intuit what feels right and pleasurable for our partner.











Appreciate and feel grateful for your sexual organs, your pleasure centers and every moment of pleasure, connection, love and affection. Notice the sweet surrender that intimacy brings through sexual connection. Feel grateful for your body that is so perfectly designed to experience and give pleasure. Realize that your body is a vessel for your soul, for your essence, and that expressing yourself through your sexuality is a healthy way to honor and celebrate your whole being and creative energy! What a blessing and gift you are to yourself and your partner!

Enjoy the full Divine expression that is YOU by nurturing your sensual and sexual side. Let me know how these exercises help to bring you more joy and pleasure. Everyone benefits when you feel more alive and connected within.