5 Tips on How To Get What You Truly Desire NOW

Inside of us is a powerful well of resources designed to manifest our dream life so we may all live heaven on earth. There are certain activities and thoughts we can choose to create more of what we truly desire in our lives. According to Heartmath research, our hearts interpret how we are feeling and rather loudly as the heart is 50 times stronger electromagnetically than any other organ in the body. Therefore we can connect to how our heart feels throughout the day to gain insight on how we feel. When we feel relaxed and calm about something, the heart reflects that and calms. When we feel fearful and anxious, the heart tenses up and contracts. Our nature is to process and release. When we hold chronic stress in our body, and hold emotions such as resentment, guilt and shame, and don’t forgive, our heart also hold tense up and experience a heightened stress response, because it is our nature to flow, to process and release emotions.

What We Think We Attract

If we truly wish to manifest our dream life there are 5 ways to align ourselves with the laws of the universe. Just as an apple will always fall towards the center of the earth, when we do these 5 practices that are aligned with universal laws, we will always get results!

The bible said it accurately in Proverbs 4:23 “Be careful how we think; our life is shaped by our thoughts.” Our beliefs shape our lives, our perceptions cause genes to be activated in our cells. It is not the genes that determine our outcome, but instead the interpretation that we give to the external environment that determines how we actually express ourselves, genetically speaking. This new information comes from the last 20 years of scientific research according to Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the Biology Of Belief. He states that we can all become masters of our lives and truly “live heaven on earth rather than become victims of our heredity.”

5 Tips on How To Attract What We Truly Desire:

1. Align with our Truest Essence. Nature + Love.

We are breathing in oxygen from everything that is green in nature. The trees, the grass, the green algae in the ocean; all love us so much they create oxygen for us to breathe, thrive and exist. We are perfectly designed to create carbon dioxide rich exhalations so that everything that is green in nature can exist. What a beautiful balance of giving and receiving we are designed to Be! When we go outside we feel calm and peaceful, we heal and release tension. Nature is so beautiful and full of abundance. There is no scarcity in nature, and nature recycles! All we have to do to understand ourselves more is to look at the the trees, the flowers and the animals. There is so much abundance in Nature! Today, we know that the more love hormone we have circulating in our bloodstream, the more we grow, learn, heal and energize. Love is the fuel that drives the essence of who we are, and we are nature. When we realize that we are Nature, we will no longer abuse or hurt it. Because we are literally hurting ourselves every time we pollute nature. We are all so interconnected and the more we FEEL this truth, the more we will align with what we truly love and desire for ourselves.

2. Align our intention with what we truly desire. What do We truly desire?

Sometimes we don’t actually know what we truly desire and wish to intend. Sometimes we question ourselves and feel confused as to what truly brings us joy and passion. The first step is to tune into our hearts, a place where we can access our soul and connection to our Higher knowingness and intuition. The following exercise strengthens our connection to our soul’s joy and true heart’s desire: Place your right hand over your heart. Close your eyes. Notice how your heart feels. Does it feel soft and expansive or tense and contracted? Simply notice the physical sensations and also allow the emotional sensations to be revealed. Do not analyze or criticize what you feel. Simply feel. Breathe In Love Guided Meditation is a heart opening and clarity inducing guided meditation that accelerates the tuning in to your heart process. Listen HERE.

We can practice living heart connected throughout our day by checking in with what is True for our heart by asking our Self the following questions, “Does this feel True for me?” “Is this what I truly desire?” “Does this excite my heart and feel congruent with who I am?” “Does this bring me joy?”

If we have been hurt in the past, and our hearts have closed off to love, it will be more difficult to feel what we truly desire. This is where taking steps to empower and heal our hearts is so beneficial. Schedule a heart opening and physical-emotional-energetic clearing session HERE to remove emotional blockages and experience a more expansive heart that is fearless and open to receiving more love.

3.Choose to Perceive and believe our desires have already happened. What would it feel like if what we desired already came true?
Close your eyes and FEEL as though whatever you desire to accomplish or receive has already happened. The universe will start to bring a mirrored back reflection of that which you focus on and envision. Place the intention and visualize it as though it were a movie and engage all your senses for a more profound effect. Allow the emotions, the feelings of what it would feel like if you already had achieved or received that which you truly desired. Get excited! For example, if you wish to manifest an ideal mate and romantic partner, feel as though you already were in that type of relationship, and envision yourself in that type of relationship with yourself. What would it feel like if I felt desirable, attractive, loving and romantic and were able to share this experience of my wholeness with my beloved? It is in the feeling of this experience that we actually begin to attract that new possibility since we begin to vibrate at a new frequency! The new belief carries a new charge and causes us to receive something new!

4. Let go of the outcome and trust whatever is manifesting is aligned with what is for our highest good. What if we all live heaven on earth, and that which we are living is actually perfect for us in every situation and moment?

When we get too attached to the outcome and our intentions, we block the flow of energy and manifestation. While it’s a great practice to visualize and feel as though we have achieved what we desire, it is important to stay light and playful about it all, to not take it all too seriously and heavy. When we trust the universe is a kind universe and that every thing is unfolding in divine timing, we leave space for miracles to happen. It is important for us to have intentions, to focus on what we wish to accomplish and take steps to achieve, however sometimes the universe has an even juicier plan for us! This is where we can embody the river and allow, surrender and flow with the magnetic current of life that is always guiding us anyway. It is in those moments when we are most challenged that we can choose to calm and trust even more, and the universe rewards us!

5. Have fun and allow love and gratitude to be our driving force. What if Love, Unconditional Acceptance and Gratitude were my life driving force?

The more we love, the more we manifest. Love is the fuel that our human body thrives with. When we Love the process of aligning with what we truly desire, and we feel excited about this process and are grateful that we are aware that we can manifest, we bring more flow of abundance and prosperity into our life, and it is our nature to Be abundant. When we feel excited and desire the practice of feeling and tuning into our hearts, we stimulate our healing abilities and that triggers releases of whatever traumas and hurts we may have experienced and held onto from our pasts. Where there is love, there is abundance, joy, compassion, healing, calm, focus and connection! Read more on the Love hormone and how to naturally raise your levels of love HERE.

We all have had certain painful and hurtful events come into our lives and it is truly our choice what we do with our past. Are we going to learn from our past and become victorious or are we going to resent and suppress the pain of our past and become victims? Today, we know how to heal, process, release and transform very efficiently. There are many different ways to tap into our own innate healing and transforming power. Contact me at info@michellealva.com to get more information on how to heal, process and take action steps to lift off emotional baggage so we may walk feeling lighter, more empowered and whole.

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